Kannabia Review

Kannabia Review

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Kannabia Seeds Company is one of the pioneering seed banks in Spain. With many years’ experience of growing and producing the highest quality marihuana seeds, we have recently stabilised our strains to make them even better.

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  1. The JMC dad is mixed her for the Chemdog D clone to incorporate some serious kick for the JMC. She’s much more of a sativa hybrid which includes a serious punch included to it from the chem d. She yields great outdoors and indoors. She’s got a pungent odor – think rotting passion fruit matching up with a skunk when one would attempt to describe the aroma on her… Completes in 75 – 85 days yield is top notch 650-900 grams m2

  2. With this strain we provide a connoisseur quality smoke at an outstanding price. Chill-OM is another good beginner strain, providing a satisfying yield with only basic plant care. It provides all of the amazing benefits of nutrient efficiency, hybrid vigour, and the versatility of cultivating well under many various cultivation methods. Ideal results should be expected beneath a quality light source for example HPS lamps, considering that the sativa genetics within this strain do demand sufficient light intensity for ample flowering and THC production. For additional information on growing, it is urged you ought to look at the advice available on our website within the comprehensive grow guides for Mandala strains and cannabis generally speaking.

  3. Here’s a cross from a pure Afghani along with a White Widow! A legitimate improvement for Widow lovers because the smell disappeared and here you’ve got something real special!