Kansas City “Color of Authority” Case… Females Offered Sex For Freedom

Kansas City “Color of Authority” Case... Females Offered Sex For Freedom

As is true with most good cops, the ability of the individual to use their “color of authority” properly and morally is as important to public safety and trust in the police, as the laws they enforce.

Case and point; how much damage to public opinion have these two douche bag cops done to an already maligned sector of ill-reputed public servants? Meet Jeffrey Holmes 47 and big fan of forcible intercourse on the powerless. As one woman tells it, she was just a good hardworking prostitute who was manipulated into an ugly moment in time thanks to Officer Holmes.

Mr. Holmes’s other victim was fearful of being busted on outstanding marijuana warrants, when she negotiated sex for her freedom, in her sad – little motel-court-room. She stated in a police report that she was first approached by Officer Holmes at a motel in April in full uniform and asked if she was a prostitute? She made it perfectly clear she was not. Yet Holmes forced the victim to her room under threat of arrest. While heading to the where he made it very clear they were going to have sex. Shocked and curious as to his logic… the new victim could be heard pleading “why?” his response “You don’t want to go to jail, do you?”

The woman told police she had marijuana in the room and outstanding warrants and was afraid the man would arrest her if she didn’t have sex with him, the probable cause statement said. She later photographed his used condom and sent it to her roommate with a caption, “Cop DNA.”

Next up at bat in Kansas City police hall of Shame is Sgt. Mark Stinson. What can you say about a man who would steal $75,000 for his own mother? Sure the local press tried to down play his actions by calling it “misappropriating funds”. But after being on the police force for over 17 years, you would think he would know the difference between stealing, and “hey mom… can I borrow a few bucks?”

The now humorless female president of the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners stated that Officer Holmes negotiated a plea deal of sex from these vulnerable females utilizing his “color of authority” to manipulate them into his depraved world of sex for freedom. The perversion of both law and mankind happened in March and April of 2012.