Karma Genetics Review

Karma Genetics Review

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Karma Genetics is a dutch young breeder with a positive vibe. Bringing fun strains to the people.

3 thoughts on “Karma Genetics Review”

  1. We have crossed Nirvana’s Haze having Northern Light to generate a heavier array marijuana plant. This classic F1 hybrid is going to still arrive at great heights, yet heavy North Light-style buds materialize on it is tall stems. The bud leaves are a vibrant lime green. As by having virtually any Haze hybrid, this stress of marijuana does require some recognition and patience. Sterling Haze smoke gets that ordinary sweet-and-sour hazy taste and manufactures a stony but upper high.

  2. The NYC Diesel by way of Big Bud hybrid preserves the excellent standard of quality you could expect with the NYC Diesel however the Genie’s flowering time is reduced by a number of weeks, and doesn’t stretch as often during flowering. The Big Bud boosts the yield and makes her way more stable without losing the high and taste that helps make NYC Diesel a favourite among the smokers.

  3. KC33 is a Dutch strain grown for years which we have crossed with Thai and also Brazil male plants. KC 33 is further produced for outdoor growing, but is additionally an indoor Number 1. The buds are rather dense and possess a lemon-fresh flavor and generate double THC.