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karma og seeds

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Karma’s OG specifications

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About Karma’s OG seeds

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Karma og seeds

The result is a Sativa dominant strain. A vigorous and ramified plant that responds very well to different optimisation techniques such as apical pruning and LST.

Karma Genetics presents here Karma OG Jack, a marijuana variety that combines the best of the OG Kush family and the well-known Jack Herer line resulting in an explosive and delicious hybrid. This strain is now available at AlchimiaWeb!

Karma OG Jack marijuana, the best of Jack Herer and OG Kush

It is a cross between Karma Jack F7, a Jack Herer selection with a strong Sativa character stabilised by Karma Genetics. On the other hand Karmarado OG, one of Karma’s flagships, a poly-hybrid with a heritage of first-class OG lines such as Triangle Kush, SFV OG Kush and White OG.

Karma OG Jack offers a yield composed of large, dense and compact flowers whitened by a thick resin layer. A really appealing looking buds.

Karma OG Jack, lime and pine flavoured cannabis

Karma OG Jack offers a complex terpene profile with herbal and spicy notes, with a lime and pine touch inherited from the Karma Jack lineage.