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kerala seeds

Kerala seeds

Contact: The Scientist-in-Charge
Kerala Forest Seed Centre
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi- 680 653, Thrissur Kerala, India
Telephone: +91-487-2690345, 346 Fax: 0487 -2699 249
E-mail : [email protected]

Seeds in ready stock can be purchased from KFSC on all working days between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Requests for purchase of seeds may be sent to the Scientist-in charge, KFSC. A quotation shall be provided to the purchaser, indicating the total cost for supply and handling charges. On remittance of full payment of the cost by cash or bank draft (payable to the Registrar, KFRI), the seeds shall be sent by parcel/post/courier. For seeds of species which may not be available in stock, order will have to be placed well in advance; at least three months before the seeding time of the species.

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Kerala seeds

Capsicum, also known as sweet pepper, is one of the popular vegetables grown throughout India.
Capsicum is a cool season crop, but it can be grown round the year using protected structures where temperature and relative humidity (RH) can be manipulated. This crop requires day temperature of 25-300C and night temperature of 18-200C with relative humidity of 50-60%. If temperature exceeds 350C or falls below 120C, fruit setting is affected.
Good quality seeds are required for producing better seedlings. The seedlings are raised in pro-trays of 98 cells or cavities. buy Capsicum seed.

Amara is a traditional food plant easly grown in India and commonly used as vegetable. It is a fast growing plant can cultivate in pots or growbags, the plant grows in full sun and well drained soil and gives yield for two years. Buy Lallab bean (Amara) online:

Cherry Tomato is an ornamental plant and same time vegetable also, they are small, round, cherry-sized fruits of the family, it’s much sweeter than large tomatoes, mainly used in culinary purposes. Summer months are the best season to cultivate, but too hot is not good, temperature is below 30 degree is best. It’s seeds are small, better to sow the seeds, then the transplant it to the field or pot. to buy:

11. Carrot offers you extensively huge varieties of vegetable seeds online. You can make pure and non-toxic vegetables at home. Using organic vegetables from your garden helps you relish and savor your favorite vegetables. We promote organic farming, self grown vegetables in your garden is overwhelming since it retains almost all the nutrients and is chemical free. We help you cultivate organic farming easily at home in your terrace or garden by selling seeds online.
We deliver detailed growing instruction and sowing and growing information. Treatments and guidelines about nursing, watering, pest control etc. also we will publish through youtube videos, that are available from our channel:

Cabbage is a winter crop, It is commonly cultivated in cool moist climate, Now a days it will cultivate in kerala all over. It is grown in varied types of soils ranging from sandy loam to clay. It requires a pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 for higher production. sow the seeds in trays of pots, after 40 days of growth seedlings can transplant to prepared soil. Buy Cabbage seed online:

3. Ash Gourd

Gwar (Kothamara) cultivatedin Kerala rarely, but it is available cheaply in kerala that is from other states. It is very easy to cultivate. Seeds sown in a seeding tray or grow bag will germinate very quickly. By 3-4 days, the seeds begin to germinate and are mildly moistened. 2-week-old seedlings are transplanted into prepared Grow bags. Select healthy seedlings when planting. These will give good yields in grow bags. Grow bags, fill the grow bags with rich in organic contents. The months of February-March and June-July are best suited for cultivation. The beans will flower in about 45 days from seed germination. The nuts ripen in 10-15 days after flowering. No significant disease and pest infestations were observed in plants. to buy:

‘As you sow, so you will reap’ and hence at bring you delight to your kitchen garden with flowers and vegetables. You can buy online the best of vegetable seeds, flower seeds and herb seeds at an affordable price. The seeds from are high yielding and have resistance to pests and disease, which makes them ideal for both the beginner gardeners and a professionals.

Kerala seeds

Prasanth is one of those who has been severely hit since the lockdown was enforced. 7 years ago while Prasanth was on his way to work met with an accident and lost a leg. The incident turned Prasanth’s life upside down. Walking with a stick and hands partially paralysed, Prasanth finds it difficult to feed his wife and his 2 year old child. With no source of earning his family has been living a life of destitute. Additionally, his only walking stick is now damaged. Without the stick, Prasanth can barely lift his body. They had been living in Kannur district but the financial crisis forced the family to look out for a place in their budget. On being informed by a distant relative about a minimal rent in Wayanad they decided to move. Unfortunately, they could not reach the relative over phone and was stranded by the lockdown. The family is now wandering in the corridors of a government school at Ambalavayal, Wayanad.

People with disabilities face additional challenges during COVID-19 lockdown. While people with disabilities who work in the organised sector are not facing economic problems in particular, those who are unemployed or have insecure jobs find it hard to buy food and basic hygiene essentials.

On hearing the news about the family from panchayat authorities, the members of SEEDS located the family and provided them with hygiene kit. The family was also provided meals by the government community kitchen. In this extraordinary times, when the whole country is locked down, SEEDS is perhaps saving lives and prioritizing people more than anything.