Kind Seed Seedbank Review

Kind Seed Seedbank Review

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The Kind Seed Co. has been around since 1994 and today their website sells an impressive variety of seeds. Their website offers an extensive seed bank, but also a large selection of books for sale on growing and the business, a photo gallery of plants, and even a small shop of harvest equipment for sale.

The seed portion of the site is organized into categories of European, Canadian, indoor, outdoor, auto-flowering, Indica, Sativa, and Feminized seeds. Clicking on an individual seed takes you to a page detailing the origin, bud characteristics, flavor quality, flowering time, and yield. Many of the site’s seeds are available in both feminized and non-feminized. For some of the seeds, more detail is given about the history of the strain and any possible awards won. Unfortunately, a fair-sized portion of Kind Seed’s inventory seems to be out of stock at any given time. This may be a seasonal problem, but it is inconvenient to the buyer.

The impressive section of the Kind Seed website is the discount page. There are five full pages of special seeds at high discounts, even on high quality strains. Kind Seeds also offers a constant 10% off all $1,000 or larger purchases. For regular customers, this can add up to huge savings, though it requires a level of commitment to the site to purchase larger orders.

Kind Seed Co. offers something that most seed banks don’t- a product guarantee. They promise a germination rate of 90%. There’s also a promise that the seeds are not knock-offs or fakes. As nice as these guarantees are though, they don’t mention any action that would be taken if the germination wasn’t at 90%. This leaves the guarantee feeling a little empty, though it is a nice gesture.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Kind Seed Co. seed bank website.


  • A diverse range of seeds
  • Detailed information on individual strains
  • Extensive discounts


  • Out-of-stock seeds
  • No customer reviews or feedback
  • Seeds only available in packs of ten

The range of books and equipment sold on Kind Seed’s website make it an easy place to stock up on all your supplies. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t seem to have quite the professional upkeep and layout of some seed banks, and the out-of-stock inventory is a poor reflection of their competence as well. But for some fairly generous discounts and an impressive array of seeds, Kind Seeds is the place to shop. They also seem to be well equipped to handle international business, catering to overseas customers with an on-site currency converter. Their inventory is not only diverse, but high quality and award-winning as well. Kind Seeds promises they have verified the authenticity of each company who supplies to them. So for high-standard, quality seeds from all over the world from a website without quite all the frills and features of some seed bank sites, Kind Seeds Co. is a dependable place to shop.

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