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king crasher seeds

King crasher seeds

Whether the movie Wedding Crashers played an inspirational role or not — it’s clear that Symbiotic Genetics wanted to create a strain that left everyone at the party utterly rekt.

Grow Difficulty

As you take a whiff of Wedding Crasher weed straight from the jar — hold on tight.

Dominant Terpenes Found in the Wedding Crashers Strain

Therefore, the Wedding Crasher strain is not recommended for growers with limited space. However, cultivators can train and heavily prune Wedding Crasher plants to remain short in stature.

King crasher seeds

Check back to the Harry Palms review to see more about the Wedding Cake lineage, Seed Junky’s Wedding Crasher brings Purple Punch into the mix. The Wedding Crasher is crossed with Sunset Sherbet to create Seed Junky’s Sherb Crasher.


I found myself using little bits at a time. Strong enough to get wrecked off of, sure; I found myself with better equilibrium using about half of what I normally would. If I usually pack two Volcano chambers and run through them three times each. Here I’d do only one, and it would still have good taste when I ran it the next time. Not having seen the cannabinoid results yet, I’d guess content is a bit higher here, but I’m interested to see if that’s true.


Frontage on the scents are funky fuel with acetone grace notes amidst a sweet base that seems rather frivolous. Most of the composition exists as vaporous petrol floating over organic solvent.

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