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kosher tangie seeds

As Kosher Tangie Kush carries 60% indica genes inside, one would expect a body-oriented effect. Still, that’s only half the story. The long-lasting, mildly sedative effect of this strain penetrates right down to the muscle fibres. As the feeling spreads, the 40% sativa side expresses itself: fans often mention a lazy, calm sense of satisfaction that is actually a wonderful match for the muscle-relaxing capacities of this special kush. Those with less cannabis experience should take it easy with this strain. Sleepiness and couchlock are likely, and at higher dosages, slight feelings of paranoia may occur.

Kosher Tangie Kush manages to unite some weighty names in one slightly indica-dominant strain. On ethe one hand we see Kosher Kush; a direct descendant of the legend OG Kush, and the first ever strain to receive a rabbi’s official blessing. On the other branch of the family tree we see Tangie, bringing unforgettable flavour reminiscent of tangerines and a birth certificate signed by parent plant Skunk #1 herself.

The flavour of Kosher Tangie Kush is a wondrous combination of all the earthy, pungent scents that define the kush family, tweaked up by a twist of citrus fruit. The main terpenes underneath this marvellous bouquet are myrcene and limonene, aided by lighter touches of caryophyllene and humulene. These compounds each cast their own little spin on how Kosher Tangie Kush works by means of the entourage effect. Limonene, for instance, adds a fresh, fruity, uplifting touch to the experience. Myrcene adds a soothing nuance to the whole, and is able to amplify the effect of certain cannabinoids, too. The exact taste of any individual Kosher Tangie Kush plant obviously depends on grow factors and environmental influences, but no matter what, this strain delvers flavour that is bound to surprise any true kush buff in pleasant ways.

Medical Potential

Kosher Tangie Kush feminized cannabis seeds are not all that tricky to grow. They certainly thrive more easily indoors when it comes to northern parts of the globe. Nonetheless, kush genetics are famed for their durability. The growth phase often proceeds rapidly, especially if ample lighting is present. Growing Kosher Tangie Kush outdoors is certainly an option; it just takes a little more care and attention than a controlled indoor situation would.

Applications relating to tension and stress reduction are the obvious benefits with a strain that brings such deep tranquillity. This is most probably due to the complex interactions between THC, the aforementioned CBG, and the terpenes that amount to more than just the taste of this weed strain. And yet, the medical potential of Kosher Tangie Kush stretches beyond stress relief alone. Lying awake at night is annoying, but also highly unlikely when Kosher Tangie Kush is nearby. Some consumers also report that this strain has properties that can help control headaches and migraines.

Kosher Tangie Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

We managed to combine both these classic lines into a new heavyweight indica hybrid. At a 21% THC level, Kosher Tangie Kush is more than just a gourmet’s choice; it is also a strain that is best suited for the experienced consumer. Another interesting trait is the high CBG content. Cannabigerol is a relatively unknown cannabinoid, which is currently under investigation due to potential medical applications. All in all, this makes Kosher Tangie Kush a strain well worth the effort of growing.

Our Kosher Tangie Kush seeds contain everything the true kush lover could ask for, perfected at the level of excellence that made Amsterdam Genetics famous. With her eye-popping genetic background, Kosher Tangie Kush makes quite a heavy impact. The effects linger for a long time, leaning towards the indica side of the palette with a focus on the body. Don’t overlook her exceptional taste, though. In the aroma of Kosher Tangie Kush, any enthusiast will instantly recognise the pungent earthy scents associated with kush, set against a refreshing backdrop of citrus.

Kosher tangie seeds

Kosher Tangie Kush cannabis seeds by Amsterdam Genetics introduce the wonderful Kosher Kush together with the ever so tasty Tangie strain.

Tangie is still a relatively new strain that has very quickly built up a strong following. Whilst the Kosher Kush is an old school, worldwide favourite with many regular consumers. By combining these two we have produced a real stand-out performer in terms of size and speed of growth combined with high THC levels and fantastic taste.

9-10 Weeks Happy 40%Sativa – 60%Indica 400gr+ p.s.m. Feminized

The Kosher Tangie Kush offers a combination of orange citrus flavours combined with a wonderful pungent / earthy aroma.

The Kosher Tangie Kush cannabis seed has a 9 to 10 week flowering time. Depending on conditions, growers can expect their plants to reach 1.20-1.50 meters producing a 450-550 g/m² indoors. When grown outside expect heights to reach between 2.00-3.00 meters with a 400-600g per plant yield.

Kosher Tangie marijuana seeds go by many names. Depending on where you look, this strain also goes by 24K Gold and 24 Karat Gold. The effects of all these names result in the same outcome — a deep, euphoric head high that sharpens the senses. The world will seem like a more entertaining place as you take in new sights, sounds, and smells. Because the effects are somewhat psychedelic, now is a good time to turn on a visually striking movie or an atmospheric soundtrack. Anything to keep your brain happy and entertained for hours!

As a 60% indica, it’s easy to see why Kosher Tangie is more of an evening or nighttime smoke. This is not the ideal strain for carrying on a detail-heavy conversation or going on a hike with friends. In fact, remembering minor details and forming complete sentences may feel like hard work with Kosher Tangie in the mix. The only task you’ll be in the mood to do is watch TV at home and giggle at silly things. Kosher Tangie often results in couchlock with minimal energy.


This sedativa indica-dominant strain sharpens the senses to create a more engaging and interesting world. Too bad the couchlock leaves you too lazy and relaxed to explore it.

Many consumers are quick to choose Kosher Tangie marijuana seeds for their sedative effects. After a few hits, you may notice fatigue and sleepiness take over. Kosher Tangie can help consumers with insomnia as well as all levels of pain. The only slight downside to this indica is its longer-than-usual flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks.