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kraken seeds

Kraken feminised is an already well-known strain on the southern Spanish growing scene due to its fantastic productivity. It is a strong, multi-branched plant that develops dense buds.

Kraken can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and it will finish in just 77 days from seedling. The taste is fresh and minty and the effect is said to be devastating especially for novice smokers who are warned to steer clear! Therapeutically it is said to stimulate appetite, provide pain relief, help with insomnia as well as providing relief from stress.

It is ideal for growers looking for maximum power and is also perfect for those who pursue profitable crops and for that depend on large productions.


It is ideal for growers who are looking for maximum power and it’s also perfect for those who seek to make profitable crops and look for large harvests.

This is an indica hybrid that has been developed selecting potency and yield capacity, with a branched structure. Its dense, compact and gigantic buds make Kraken and incredibly productive variety with a fresh, almost menthol flavour.

The only thing monstrous about the Kraken strain might be the munchies you’ll feel after experiencing a burst of energy, a feeling of euphoria, and a relaxing, sleepy sensation.


Insomnia-sufferers may be reluctant to try Kraken to treat their issues because of its relatively low potency percentage-wise, but rest assured (no pun intended) that Kraken will not only assist with getting you to sleep but also in relieving stress and depression at the same time.

The Kraken isn’t just a well known fictional monster–it’s also an indica-dominant 12% THC strain with surprising potency. Users of Kraken will note that at first they feel a burst of energy and are compelled to engage socially, conversing and giggling in short order. While all this is taking place, a feeling of euphoria sets in. Then, tingles throughout the body will intensify, leading to a sensation of extreme relaxation. If you’ve got any issues sleeping, Kraken can help you kiss them goodbye.