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Kush Seeds
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Kush Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica + 20% Sativa
THC0.2% (slight deviations may occur)
CBDup to 15%
DIFFICULTYEasy to grow
CLIMATEIndoors or sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS16 to 21 oz per 3x3ft

Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Our feminized CBD Kush marijuana is an Indica-dominant strain of hemp that gives off a delightfully earthy aroma. Because of its nearly nonexistent THC levels, users experience very little to no high.

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  1. Moscow is one of the most powerful Auto strains available! Auto Moscow is the latest strain coming from this all auto seed company. AUTOFEM are the most current in Spanish seed companies currently generating cannabis seeds and they’ve got a one of a kind formula for success. Moscow goes from germinated seed to totally ripe bud in 60 days which is only 9 weeks. There isn’t a necessity for the lights being discussed as they are completely stable auto flowering plants. Moscow is best suited for 18-20 hours of light however when it involves auto’s it’s great to locate what fits you best.

  2. Snow White is without doubt one of the highest superb white family selections, the fat pure indica dad delivers Snow White a denser statue in comparison with its near relative White Widow. Snow White furnishes a huge yield by having heavy sticky buds covered in trichromes. Snow white is well matched for hydroponics, with a smooth preference as well as an effective indica stone it makes Snow White a good Widow variation.

  3. In case you liked smoking Jack Herer but imagined it was a headache to grow, than here is the plant to suit your needs. Jah Herer grows considerably quicker and much more predictable compared to the original Jack Herer but sustains the enjoyable high we expect with the original Jack. The dominating Sativa influences give her an innovative taste with a pine after taste. Her growing pattern is upgraded and uniform and higher yields of huge resinous buds should be expected.

  4. Just one of our new production skunks, this specific feminized selection starts slowly then turns on strong with increased rapid growth creating huge buds. Venus possesses nice big leaves and a curious fragrance. Venus is really a new generation Ganja along with good yields and a powerful high.

  5. Dutch Passion’s Brainstorm is the winning outcome of breeding experiments using two recognized marijuana strains, Northern Lights and Haze Original. This feminized strain had been changed in 2006 by choosing the premium clone in the original seed stock. Through this premium clone lead to a sturdy plant along with the power and yield from the famous Northern Lights #5, hybridized with powerful 100% Haze genetics. Brainstorm features a solid, strong durable high, mixed with a well balanced, smooth smoking experience.

  6. The sister plant to Moby Dick, exhibiting several resemblances. Because of sativa dominance, its primary features consist of fast growth, vigor in all type of conditions, mold resistance, pine flavor, high potency plus a strong and active effect. Moby Hash provides a lot more than its sister plant on account of its cross using the California Hash Plant which boosts efficiency. It grows a whole lot, requiring a good flow of fertilizer to help maintain strong development. Additionally, it needs quite a lot of water and light. Light is an important factor, specially indoors, which is vital to use 600 w per square meter to achieve full potential. Height boosts considerably throughout flowering, which will remain in check based on available indoor height. Flowering lasts in between 60 and 70 days, generating huge main buds having protruding calyxes exactly like the California Hash Plant but shorter and fatter with a gigantic resin production. The trichomes are lengthy, sativa like, having an unmistakeable and also recognizable fragrance of wood and pine. It’s pretty potent, with an intense, strong and active effect, having a much more physical come down, retaining a long time ushered on by the higher THC concentration, which could get to 20%. Outdoors it’s a terrific producer, thickening out to achieve an amazing size, imposing over its sister plant.

  7. This cross took on a lot of the RMH fruity flavor. Breakout serves as a medium plant with almost no stretch and decent yields. Great trichome production therefore it is also beneficial to pain and appetite.

  8. CH9 Female Seeds Vintage 2006, a vintage Afghani influenced hybrid was inbred and feminized. It also contains Jack Herer hybrid phenotypes. These CH9 Female Seeds Vintage 2006 have great medicinal value and thus should be welcomed into souvenir seed collections to preserve the genetics for future science.

  9. The C99 BX-1 is the outcome of recombining two distinctly unique Cinderella 99 inbred lines and next backcrossing one generation which provides rise to a regular phenotype. It had become primarily bred for indoor cultivation but great outcomes have already been reported outside. This strain produces tremendously high yielding monsters with firm, solid buds when grown correctly. Bros Grimm Cinderella 99 description: This strains could be the “Holy Grail”.

  10. This strain is rather the multinational, it combines the truly finest of the east together with the west. It began life being a Hawaiian indica which was delivered to us by one of our associates. Then we crossed it together with our potent and bushy Afghan male. This male is fabulous since it really leaves the prominent flavors from the initial mom intact yet greatly improves the yield of anything we’ve crossed it into. As the female has a great crystal construction under magnification we decided we’d also love to boost its yield. There really should not be excessive variation inside the phenotypes either. The strain posseses an incredibly candy flavor nearly as sweet as cotton candy. The plant doesn’t end up getting to tall and favors a medium feed. You simply won’t be disappointed having the Aiea.

  11. Like other autoflowering plants, this is easy to grow. Suitable for beginers and people with little space to grow between season. This plant always has a hole where you can register, easy to get great results using vegetative room for some of these plants bloom.

  12. This breathtaking Sativa plant was actually labeled Swiss Bliss for its extremely superb and tasty euphoric attributes, but also for its remarkable life, as it escaped out of the authorities hands back in ours. Swiss Bliss is actually an incredible variety, by having mainly Sativa characteristics. The plentiful growth and branching pattern makes this variety perfect for pruning. You can easily put less plants per square meter since you might need in a sea of green setup, and still can harvest a terrific yield of very pleasant long sticky buds. The mouth is stimulated by beautiful essences from tropical fruits it’s like opening up a can of tutti fruity. When breathed in you seem in a condition of ecstatic, bliss and joyful, really high! Take the challenge from this legend and enjoy her splendor!

  13. A new variety which is mostly Indica. It is Homegrown Fantaseeds’ version of the Bubble Gum/Bubble Berry range made famous by american clients.