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kush sorbet seeds

Kush sorbet seeds

Kush Sorbet is a mostly indica variety brought to us from Seed Junky Genetics. A cross of Sunset Sherbert x Triangle Kush BX3, cultivators should expect a grow time of around 60 days. Furthermore, this plant should be grown indoors for the best results. Kush Sorbet buds form with light orange pistils. Darker leaves mimic the plants rich and deep, dark purple leaves. Frosty look on account of fine, crystalised hairs, much like the near entirety of the plant, including leaves and stem. As is the case with the majority of Seed Junky Seeds, this strain contains a high THC content. Lastly, being a majority Indica strain, users should expect increased mental and also muscle relaxation, alongside pain relief.

Room type: Indoor

Grow time: 60 days (average reports)

Kosher Sorbet is easy enough to cultivate for the novice but has the sheer quality to fully satisfy the connoisseur. Created by fertilising Kosher Kush with Sorbet this indica-dominant strain is a medium-sized plant with good yield potential.

Large, dense buds are typical of this plant. In 9 weeks of flowering growers will harvest 450 – 500 gr/m 2 dried weight. The sweet creaminess of Sorbet blends nicely with the Kosher Kush providing an intense taste sensation.

The effect is one of happy relaxation and it is known to have therapeutic qualities especially for those suffering with chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.