Kushadelic Cannabis Seeds: Welcome To The Psychedelic Side Of The Kush Family

Kushadelic Cannabis Seeds: Welcome To The Psychedelic Side Of The Kush Family

The tail of a California OG mom, crossbread with a Haze dad from the wrong side of the “Genetic Tracks.”

Kushadelic is both a play on words and a dizzying strain known for its delicious psychedelic attributes, hidden deep within the Kush family. This chronic strain is a cross between a California OG mom, and a hard pollinating father from the Haze side of the tracks. The “Bud’s daddy” is a haze from the much coveted selection of Soma’s hard hitting hybrid lineage lines of haze. A G 13 haze X Neville’s haze that bore a heavy influence on many of Soma’s genetic crossbreeding adventures going forward.

The California centric, Kushadelic strain is a hard-hitting 50/50 hybrid. With a mad blend of some of the hazier qualities stemming from the city the gene pool with the Indica voluptuousness and density of California’s reigning queen. This plant begins the vegetative phase with full, picture-perfect leaves, a balance Indica/Sativa influences. As it progresses through flowering, the leaflets elongate to a more slender sativa appearance by full expression.

For most regions in the world, Kushadelic is an indoor variety, taking over six months from seed to fully upright flower in an outdoor garden, and a full 10 weeks when flowering under lights in a hydroponic cultivation room. Soma prefers organic soil methods with guano as fertilizer, to bring out the highest percentage of terpene flavonoids, as well as keeping the most planet friendly plant on Earth tasting rich and natural.

There are two phenotypes of the Kush-adelic cannabis plant. One is a slightly more Sativa dominant strain with a more elongated profile and a heavier haze effect on the mind. The other maintains a slightly more indica dominant pheno profile. Short, squat in growth structure, reviewing more California Kush influences in the bud at full expression.

While Kush-adelic is saddled with a shorter genetic profile, because of her squat nature, the ladies branches responded well to being topped and will dense chronic Bud in both a SOG as well as a SCROG. Reaching the heights of over 7 feet in your outdoor garden, and indoor set up will generally yield plants in the 3 to 4 foot range.

The trippy flower from the Kush-adelic are large and sweet, with an exotic marriage of the old school floral and the rich earthy tones of the Kush – Haze combination. The high also brings together the potency of the Kush with a happy clarity of the haze, perpetuating a deep sense of repose and introspective outlook, while projecting a positive social attitude.