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kushadelic seeds

Kushadelic seeds

75-90 days Heavy Stoned Mostly Indica 300 – 450 gm per m2 Feminized, Regular

The estimated time of delivery is:

We ship our seeds in plain packages. You won’t see anything from our shop on the outside of the packaging.

We start processing your order as soon as we reveived your payment. So the sooner we receive your money the sooner you will receive your order.

Kushadelic has wide leaves and deep green color. It is a great water hash source, tastes like your in Cali.

We are extremely concerned about the quality of the seeds that come to you. Therefore, we provide additional protection in the envelope and check the seeds before we send them to you. We send our seeds within a week after we recieved your money!

Holland: 1 or 2 working days
Europe: 3 to 5 working days

Unfortunately we don’t accept creditcard payments at the moment. We offer banktransfer, cash in enveloppe ( registered shipping) and crypto payments (possible to get cryptocurrency with creditcards).