L.A. Pot Shops Fight Back

L.A. Pot Shops Fight Back

As many within the medical marijuana community have heard Los Angeles is planning on banning all the cities mmj collectives starting September 6. Despite all of the many threats that are aimed at the local marijuana collectives that have remained open… most have stated they’re not going anywhere.

As many of the dispensaries have become vocal in the preceding weeks after the Los Angeles city Council voted to ban all medical marijuana collectives within the city of LA, some are planning to fight for their rights and their business to remain open, legal and available for the many patients they serve.

Their justification is that many of the legal questions that need to be answered regarding California medical marijuana collectives are currently awaiting rulings before the California Supreme Court. In addition there are a handful of collectives that are holding out hope that a voter referendum put forth by Americans for safe access would help to overturn the current ban and save and save their businesses.

In addition to all of the collectives that had been asked to close down, there was a core group of approximately 182 medical marijuana collectives that had seeded the downtown area long before the 2007, LA city moratorium had been passed, thereby providing them hope that they would be grandfathered in, and left alone.

Regardless of what happens within the city of Los Angeles and their medical marijuanacollectives, the neighboring cities just a few short feet away will still have the ability to operate. So while the city of Los Angeles claims to have dealt with a “serious” problem, all they’ve really done is squeezed the balloon, thereby forcing the issue on their neighboring municipalities.

While most have decided to take a stand, they have pledged to remain open until the city shows up on their doorstep, and force them to close their California prop 215 marijuana collective.