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LA Confidential Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica 20% Sativa
THCUp to 25%
CLIMATEIndoors and cool climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

LA Confidential Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

DNA Genetics Seeds presents LA Confidential. There are two genuine phenotypes. DNA’s LA Confidential has received many awards including honors during the High Times Cannabis Cup Indica Group in 2004 & 2005.

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  1. Appropriately named, Frost Hammer simultaneously supplies crushing blows to both equally the head and also the body. As the finalization of snow lotus hybrid and our chemdawg family work winds with a close, this is one F1 cross we got incredibly high dreams for. Showcasing a soaking resin content in addition to a real ease of development…Frost Hammer exceeded even our incredibly lofty expectations. And she didn’t quit impressing there…we also observed many of the fastest, most intensely growing phenotypes out of all the different Chemdawg family hybridizing and wound up with an amount of the highest quality flowers we’ve developed.

  2. Satura Sativa is the early flowering variety which grows wild in regions of the B.C. Coast and features a distinguishable sweet and fruity flavor. One advantage from the Satura hybrid is the fact that exactly 50% from the seedlings will start flowering during the 5-7th internode, whatever the photo period (finishes at the begining of September).

  3. Pretty critical indeed, Right! This strain produces many phenotypes one fruity Haze with a myriad of scents appears, it is like a smorgasbord of berries, fruits and piney lemons spice…There is also a good yielder in this combination to boot!

  4. Selected OG Kush that is feminized from seed which was so excellent we had to re-feminize her. She is a lot more Sour tasting then OG and has far better yields compared to the OG.

  5. An F1 hybrid of magnificent vigor, large tricomes and compressed, resinous buds. The mother, an exquisite indica whose seeds were delivered back from Pakistan was crossed wih our absolute favorite Capricho male (Capricho, a backcrossed Colombian x Manali). This indica / sativa blend with its high ratio of calix to leaves ratio along with a potent psychoactive high is another large producer whose branches should be tied up to avoid breakage. A splendid, delightful treat which could be grown indoors and outdoors.

  6. Green Devil Seeds Durweiss is one of Green Devil’s most prized Cannabis varieties. Upon acclimating their genetics to the Mediterranean climate, Green Devil Seeds crossed Edelweiss with Landrace Original Durban to supply Durweiss. This variety is definitely a robust plant. It grows thick vegetation, , heavy headed trichomes, dense flowers, and expresses strong pest and fungi resistance. Every one of these factors try to get this plant simple enough to develop. Experienced growers like this due to its unique genetics and its hardiness. The flavour is referred to as being sweet complemented by a touch of fresh fruit accompanied simply by a powerful yet relaxing high.

  7. A high quality backcross (Jamaica x Jamaica/NL5/Haze) between our very best female via the Blue Mountains in Jamaica plus a champion NL/Haze bring us a fantastic yielding sativa which can be grown inside. Yield and quality are accompanied by its resistancy to plagues, specifically those caused by humid climates. Time has a tendency to cease because the senses sharpen, this sativa hybrid is definitely a gem sativa lovers desire to own.Shortening the lighting period incrementally from 12 to 8 hours within the last 14 days is ideal to enhance resin production and also to avoid typical sativa reflowering. Vegetative period: Minimal four weeks for top performance.

  8. Construct your own (green) pyramids just like the ancient ruler for whom this strain is named… calyx upon calyx is layered to create a huge yield that will satisfy even the most discriminating of Kush lovers. The Kuchi male was backcrossed with the OG SFV female (in a special three-way cross) so that you can focus the most stable and hard-hitting Kush elements. And also this provides the biggest amount of various phenotypes for all those in search of anything a bit different out of the ages-old classic. One of the quickest flowering of all Devil’s Harvest strains, the Khufu completes in around 8 to 9 weeks and will leave you smoking like the fires of hell!

  9. Eva Feminized High Level is a cross between an African strain from Lesotho and a Skunk/Haze. Long buds full of resin, with a unique sweet smell. Potent sativa effect, highly cerebral, pretty much psychedelic, particularly for experienced users. Wonderful resistance to mildew and all sorts of pests. You require enough nutrients, specifically in bloom. For a genuine sativa effect, accumulate the trichomes predominantly white. On foreign soil, works specifically well. It requires little water, causing it to be appropriate for outdoor crops unmonitored.

  10. This variety is appreciated by growers and is now automatic! Auto Wembley not leave you indifferent for sweetness and aroma. Like her sister Wembley, this plant has orange pistils and thick, compact buds.

  11. Holland’s Hope is a cross between Afghan & Early Skunk from Kulu Seeds.

  12. You asked for it and now it has finally arrived. Awesome genetics coming from The Grape Stomper (aka Sour Grapes) creator. This strain will include enough deviation in each pack to satisfy everyone. Cali Dank at its dankest.

  13. Mr Nice Seeds U2 is a breed of old and new school genetics – 1/8th Early Pearl, 1/8 Mexican, 1/8th Super Skunk, 1/8th Early Girl and 1/2 Haze. This strain develops nicely in Hudro and Bio, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouses, having an expected yield of 500 grams per m2 indoors and bare minimum 500 grams per plant outdoors. Indoor flowering you should be able to find a 9 weeker however the range will be typically 10-12 weeks…based upon the phenotype chosen as a mother. It’s not suited to outdoors flowering within the Northern Hemisphere except inside a greenhouse and then it might need shading to finish the cycle. Inside the Southern Hemisphere June could be an anticipated period of completion, yet too south again, not advised for outdoor flowering to completion since the rains and cold can prevent the plant finishing correctly. Special flavors together with the cerebral effects of the double Haze undoubtedly will bring on guarantees which come true. A faster option to the majority of the Haze hybrids with this caliber.

  14. This is just what the Sativa fanatic may be awaiting: an 8 – 9 week flowering Nevilles Haze. More than 12 generations flowering time had been delivered back by mixing the NH having a quick flowering NH – ICE cross. Then various generations were chosen on early on flowering NH individuals and then crossed straight back to the NH again. Right after selecting on quick flowering again we have got an almost pure NH which blossoms mainly in 8 – 9 weeks. This batch contains 5 selected females from a field of females. Certain variation might be experienced. This is why you’ll receive an increased worlds very best strain for the lowest price.

  15. China Yunnan is a landrace/inbred line and is 20% sativa and 80% indica.