LA Man Killed “Near a Dispensary” – Dispensary Makes Headline

LA Man Killed "Near a Dispensary" - Dispensary Makes Headline

Yesterday, a Los Angeles man was fatally shot in Los Angele’s Leimert Park, in the vicinity of a medical marijuana dispensary.

A watch commander at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Southwest station said it not clear if the marijuana outlet was involved, adding that the shooting location is in a busy commercial district.

While there are shootings in Los Angeles on a pretty regular basis, it’s a black eye on the medical marijuana industry when one occurs near a cannabis dispensary–whether or not the shop played any role in the murder (nor do the article mention which shop it was near).

Given this year’s crackdown on MMJ in California–and the resisters who claim that MMJ dispensaries increase neighborhood crime (a flat out falsehood)–murders like this simply draw unwanted attention and false assumptions about the cause.

I really find it revolting that the article uses a dispensary in the head line and doesn’t say how close to the dispensary was to the shooting or quote any individual who says that the dispensary played ANY possible role in this murder. No, it’s just a clear and unnecessary jab by LA’s CBS affiliate.

And it’s bullshit. If a man gets shot near a preschool, do you use the preschool in the headline?