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la niña seeds

La niña seeds


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55 to 65 days


La niña seeds

La Niña is a sativa-dominant strain that comes from an Indian strain and a pure Haze. This new classic Mr. Nice combination is actually quite old school when it comes to flavor and aroma. This high-yielding strain doesn’t need any sort of expert knowledge to give good results.

Outdoors La Niña can grow quite large. It’s easy to grow and it produces long colas of intensely aromatic buds. These plants can grow over two meters tall, so if you’re looking for a discreet plant we recommend training and bending the branches in order to keep it down a bit. You’ll need plenty of direct sunlight if you want these babies to produce as many flowers as possible, reaching up to 500 g per plant when done perfectly.

Indoors it grows quite well with not much effort at all. With 4 plants in 11 L flowerpots per grow light you should be able to get amazing results without needing to do too much work. It grows some pretty impressive buds when taken care of properly. It produces two different phenotypes, and you might want to pick just one for growing indoors. After just 60-70 flowering days you should be able to harvest around 400 g per square meter. Check out our Square Flower Pots In All Sizes section and get the ones you need.

Growing La Niña Plants Indoors

La Niña is a combination of Brazilian sativas with Haze and a hybrid Indian strain. This strain is sativa in effect and has a short, 70 day flowering period.

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Growing La Niña Plants Outdoors

It has quite an old school taste, with citric tones as well as a deep hash-like aftertaste. Its effect is energetic and euphoric, perfect for having a laugh with your friends.

A family member that had previously been kept private for The Family. Known also as El Nino (Bio Cup 98 HTCC) but it is better as a female therefore the name change to La Niña. It manifests characteristics that are predictable, contrary to her previous name implies. She has a genetic composition of Haze x Widow, making her an inevitable candidate for a hot love story with her consumer. Those who grow La Niña will be in for a happy end product and a delightful growing experience. so let the seed take you on a journey!