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lamberry myst seeds

Lamberry myst seeds

Didn’t have the time to update this blog, since there was so much activity goin on, in the last weekend. Ok where should I start. First of all, we have this BruScot National Day dinner at Tawa’ Restaurant. Yes, aku nda main main ni. namanya Tawa, jangan saja kamu ketawa sal ku buat buat nama restoran ani. There is this all you can makan buffet, so as you can see, the picture here is like half of the served buffet, anyways there is alot of food to eat. And it is a nice place to dine in to, hmm I guess I would recommend anyone who comes to Glasgow to try it out, its kinda worth it. Well not all the members of the BruScot came for the dinner, we’ve got most of it from Glasgow, some from Paisley, Perth, Edinburgh and some from somewhere in Scotland, hahah I lost track I guess. Some of the dishes that I remembered was fish and chips,vegetable pakora, chicken tikka, curry chicken, lamb masala.. hmm all I can remember was that there were 3 chicken dishes, 3 lamb dishes and grilled chicken wings. I am so gonna go back there if I got the chance 🙂

This is the last week of February and then it will be March then, so which means less than 3 weeks till easter holiday yeaaa! And BTW there is 29 days this February, it is like 28 days some of the year, this is call the leap year. I wonder how does people who was born on the 29th day of February going to celebrate their birthday? Does this mean that they will be half as old as I am if they were born on the same year as me 🙂

Alright been up early today, hahaha as usual, been up early everyday no matter what time my class starts, whats wrong with me. TODAY is 29th February, it happens once every 4 year, hehehe sorry for the wrong info in my previous post. Leap year happens every 4 years. So to whoever is celebrating B’day today, wishing you a very Happy B’day, I guess this is the only chance I can greet you or else the next time will be 4 years later 🙁

Monday, 25 February 2008

After having an extra full tank on the food, it was time to lose some, the next day we had badminton. Went for jogging twice on the threadmill and played some badminton matches. Hmmm I wondered if I had burned off the calories that I put in from the all you can eat buffet. Anyways, after that exercise, I was really drained out. I did bought a hot chocolate for my drink as breakfast and any other time I wana have one 😛 , it taste nice, not awful like the one I had before.

Something cross my mind this morning, aku kan membuat piza weekend ani, hope so dapat. Its been raining today, ntah, ada chance ka nda kan bali ingredients. Kalau nda dapat then it will be next next week tah tu, I’ve been researching on the web untuk mendapat idea, because right now I can make any piza, I just wana widen my knowledge and get ideas on what people are doing out side. I wana be innovative, eceh wa. 😛

Japanese Tauhu

Japanese Tauhu or better known as egg tauhu is the picture on the right here. As you can see it is still being cooked, it taste silky and nice and I’m loving it. Since I bought 2 tube of this Tauhu, there is still one more, I think I wana fry it like the one on the hotplate when you order you fry rice at some restaurant or food court in Brunei 😉

Sushi has become an expensive dish here in the UK compared to Brunei, this might be because sushi origins from Japan in Asia, and Brunei is close to it so its much more cheaper. And could you believe that even for a piece of sushi like Salmon Nigiri or something close to that will might have to cost you £2plus to £4plus. So when I feel like I want to have sushi, I usually bought it in the supermarket such as Sainsburys and Mark & Spencer. They are much cheaper compared to restaurants but not as cheap as they are in Brunei ;). The picture here is a Sushi pack bought from M & S, when I first taste it, I could not believe it, the ginger and wasabi are so so so so fresh, I had never tasted a fresh wasabi ever in Brunei. The prawns and smoked salmon are delicious too, nyaman lah that’s all I can say, nda rugi tu lau kan cuba. Bali yang fresh punya which baru dorang buat, jangan bali yang yesterday made punya. Overall I would rate this sushi dish to be very satisfying for its price here in the UK.