Larger Pot Plants, Enhanced Yields

Larger Pot Plants, Enhanced Yields

Genetics, nutrients, pH levels and growth mediums aren’t the only determinant factors on the potential size of your next harvest. Understanding some of the simple variables like container size, and how to trellis your next chronic crop of cannabis, could very well lead to a sizable uptick in the yield of your next harvest.

Lacking understanding – most newbie growers believe that massive yields can only be attained in a commercial grow environment. Granted, there is no denying that more room allows for greater growth and ultimately heavier yields. However, thcose techniques utilized in industrial sized cultivation operations can easily be downsized and deployed by even the smallest grower.

Understanding that the ultimate goal of most industrial sized grow operations is to cultivate the largest yield possible – regardless of the plants eventual size. Making sure not to sacrifice the quality of flower – for the sake of quantity of Bud. This underlines the problem that most newer cultivators have, understanding the ultimate goal; wanting healthy plants with massive roots, supporting heavier yields. No lady thrives under a life of stress… This factoid includes the fairer sex within the cannabis world. Ladies that lived a stressed-out life will fall short of achieving their full flowering potential, lacking in THC percentage, aromatic terpenes…and ultimately yield. By deploying some of the more effective cultivation techniques utilized by the big players – like oversized containers, a thoughtful pruning system and adequate trellising… today’s home cultivator can easily attain Max yields of sticky, potent Bud.

Trellising for better yields:

Underrated, misunderstood and underutilized, the trellis is one of the home grower’s best friends. Easily utilized either indoors, or out; trellising is one of the more beneficial techniques utilized by commercial marijuana growers around the world.

A “trellis” can be many things – but ultimately performs one primary function, supporting your Bud laden plant. A properly constructed trellis system will consist of latticework or crosses, created from any number of materials; monofilament fishing net, bird netting, bamboo sticks – all utilized for the primary function of training your fast-growing ladies to progress in certain directions – while providing support for the plant’s flower stage later in life. Should the home gardener utilize Smart pruning techniques in conjunction with the trellis system of support – the average grower could hope to realize an increase in their overall yield – somewhere in the 25 to 35% range.

Bigger Containers – mean more roots:

Understanding the role cannabis roots play in the plants flower production is critical to attaining Max yields. As most growers already know, cannabis plants need to be transplanted from their germination container to their vegetation container; then to their flower container as a means of providing adequate room for their nutrient giving root system to flourish. Contingent on the size of the grow room, cultivators generally prefer 20 gallons containers or bigger when their ultimate goal is cultivating massive yields – when size allows many commercial cultivators opt for 50 – 100 gallon containers. The primary point for these oversized containers is to provide adequate room for the plants root system. As these roots are ultimately responsible for passing the required nutrients through the plant, making bigger, denser, stickier harvests.

As technology advances in the world of marijuana cultivation, so do the options for both size and material. While the basic black plastic containers have been sufficient in the past, new options allow for more oxygen, creating happier, healthier ladies.

The newest container craze within the cultivation world, benefits the cannabis plants root system in a multitude of ways. Fabric grow bags provide critical elements for today’s grower: durable, easily drained, while providing maximum breathability for the plants critical root zone. The space-age bags allow for proper airflow – most importantly, oxygen – to infuse the plants soil, reaching the roots for ingestion. Bear in mind – roots require oxygen – O2 – while the rest of the plant breaths carbon dioxide or CO2.

FIMing or Pruning – less makes more:

While somewhat counterintuitive – pruning your plants makes for more buds – at least when done properly. The next critical step in creating fuller, denser pot plants is to understand and deploy a Smart pruning regime. Pruning pot plants is often accomplished during the early vegetative stages of development – rather than during her flowering cycle. Robbing Peter to pay Paul; pruning, or fimming is a trade-off in growth today – for flowers tomorrow. As the cultivator prunes the top node – it’s replaced by two new shoots. Depending on the desired technique, some pruning methods may result in four new shoots – in extreme cases eight new branches – simply for surrendering the one.