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larry bubba seeds

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Larry bubba seeds

Usually, any strain with OG tagged on at the end will be a phenotype, or cut, from an elite plant being closely held by breeders. The Larry OG story isn’t too far off, except there are two elite OG cuts involved in this case.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

The SFV OG Kush parent shouldn’t be confused with SFV OG, which is simply an OG Kush phenotype. No, SFV OG Kush is more than that — its SFV OG crossed with ultra-indica Afghani.

Flowering Time:

Larry OG seeds are THC dominant strain with concentrations of up to 22% THC.

Gotta get this Larry OG into my life….it’s a brilliant grow, especially in all that sunshine here in California. The weed grows extra quickly down here, and it makes for a fun summertime adventure. I will absolutely keep growing this strain for the foreseeable future. This site makes getting weed seeds online waaaaay more accessible. The vibe is very relaxed but also quite alert. You may want to go bowling. I don’t know why, but you just gotta.

Joan Vasquez – December 17, 2021

You can expect a mix of herbal and a sweet pine taste when you smoke this weed. The after taste isn’t too bad either, expected from any quality marijuana strain. You’ll soon feel the earthy tone fade away after having Larry OG weed, leaving behind a smooth taste that won’t leave you coughing or choking.

How Does Larry OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grow?

Lovely time growing this Larry OG weed, it’s fast and easy to manage, nice to prune, and makes a great well-shaped flower at the end of its life. Great for smoking in the backyard and watching the sunset!

Sweet indica that helps me deal with depression. Easy growing and light fluffy weed. The plants are pretty big though so make sure you have tall ceilings if growing indoors. Larry OG it’s my right hand right now, I love it.

History of Larry OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you’re ever about to head out for a long day-hike, be sure to pack this Larr OG weed with you. It’s phenomenally delicious and smells great. Feminized seeds are the best, they take so much stress out of the growing process, and I got so much bud! I am very happy with the results of this weed and definitely want to by more, maybe I’ll grow indoors next time?

Mmmm Larry OG is my new favorite weed. It’s so nice and smooth when you smoke it and it helps me manage my stresssss. I work in tech which means I am always on the clock. I get home around 8pm usually and just take a big fat toke of the weed in my bowl and feel a lot better knowing it’s homegrown. You never really know what’s in the dispensary stuff. Definitely give it a go!