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lawn weeds with seed pods

Lawn weeds with seed pods

For best results, treat new weeds as they emerge from soil, when they’re young, actively growing and still less than 3 inches tall. This stops these lawn pests before they can establish, set seed and spread on their own. Used as directed, IMAGE All-In-One Weed Killer is guaranteed not to harm your lawn.*

To help your lawn grass stay at its competitive peak, follow these “good practices” as well:

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Lawn weeds with seed pods

Appearance: With its three leaflet, clover-like leaves, this legume is often confused with white clover. Low growing, with trailing, slightly hairy stems, it produces clusters of small, bright yellow flowers in late spring to early summer.

Broadleaf Plantain (Plantago majo)

A related species, purple nutsedge, is especially prevalent in the Southeast

Sedge Lawn Weeds

Growth: Speedwells are among the earliest of lawn weeds to appear, greening up as early as late winter. Most are characterized by creeping stems that root at the nodes. Some show an erect growth habit as they mature. They all thrive in cool, moist soils where turf has thinned.

Lawn weeds with seed pods


Broadleaf, mat-forming perennial with a distinctive odor when crushed.


How it Spreads:

How it Spreads:

Ground Ivy

Weed Type: