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le silver royale seeds

An excellent day-time smoke, Super Silver Haze marijuana helps to calm major and minor anxieties without leaving you feeling bogged down or spaced out – a deep cerebral relaxation without the indica couch-lock. It’s high THC content has earned it the nickname of a “one-hitter-quitter”, meaning a little goes a long way for patients looking for fast relief.

A sour citrus scent accompanies the joyous effects of Super Silver Haze, though it also carries a skunky tang and a lemony aftertaste. Use it to battle stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders like PTSD or ADD/ADHD. Take note, despite being great for treating stress and anxiety, too much may cause excessive paranoia

Super Silver Haze feminized marijuana seeds require a practiced hand to garner a yield upwards of 500 grams per plant. Preferring it warm, this strain thrives indoors in a hydroponic set up, though you can find success with outdoor growing if you know what you’re doing. (Super Silver Haze tends to yield a little less when grown outdoors.)


Super Silver Haze marijuana is an award-winning hybrid that stole the show at the ’97, ’98, and ’99 High Times Cannabis Cup competitions with its energetic and long-lasting body high that is known to relieve stress, banish nausea, and help you to feel hungry again.

An award-winning strain taking top honors three years in a row, Super Silver Haze is good for what ails you. The high THC content delivers happy energy and pain relief without the indica couch lock. Gardeners with intermediate experience should have no trouble with this strain, especially in an indoor, hydroponic environment.

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It may be called “Silver”, but that doesn’t mean Silver Haze CBD marijuana seeds come in anywhere close to second. In fact, it’s believed this popular and potent hybrid was developed to treat cannabis connoisseurs to the maximum effects of the signature Haze variety in a smaller, neater package.

At 8% CBD, Silver Haze CBD marijuana seeds are an excellent choice for anyone seeking medical relief minus the euphoria of higher THC strains. Uplifting, cheerful, and able to kick anxiety to the curb, this earthy strain is worth your time.


Beginner gardeners may find feminized Silver Haze CBD a bit harder to grow than other strains, since it requires a little more attention to detail to get the characteristic “silver” look (buds covered in THC glands produce copious amounts of shiny resin, giving them a metallic sheen).

A cross between Haze and the infamous Northern Lights, Silver Haze CBD provides a happy, uplifting high thanks to its sativa heritage, great for easing pain, and soothing depression, stress, and anxiety.

With a nod to its Haze genetics, Silver Haze CBD is typically a spicy, slightly acidic and floral flavor, with woody, earthy aromas. Grow it indoors year-round for access to medicine that will help treat aches and inflammation.

Le silver royale seeds

Located in the heart of the historic LeDroit Park neighborhood, Royal is an all day spot – coffee shop by day and bar/kitchen by night.

For his latest venture as a restaurateur, Paul Carlson, the owner of Lulu’s Winegarden, decided to join forces with his parents, Ron and Gloria, and sister, Katrina, to open Royal in the summer of 2015.

Royal gets its name from the Royal Liquor Store, a business previously in this location. The concept of Royal stems from the Carlsons’ international background, as well as their love of cooking, good drinks, and spending time with family and friends.