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led cannabis grow journal

Led cannabis grow journal

1 x Pro-Grow 550 LED Grow Light (retired)

Critical+ Sensi Star Final Weight:


Led cannabis grow journal

The White Widow [pictured to right] has begun to branch out further now into a “dark spot” (area just shy of prime light) to adjust, I have been moving the plant’s positions under the lamp every few days, as well as rotating them 90-180º once a day, but no real branch training or defoliation other than “Leaf Weaving” (tucking & weaving fan leaves behind and under bud sites Rather than removing the leaf).

Preview the entire grow in less than 4 minutes!

I’d mentioned somewhere that this is the best smelling batch of Bubblelicious to come from this batch of clones, well the Widow is one of the most putrid, oily/fuel, smelling of the bunch of Widows as well.

The Bubblelicious Duo

This morning I strongly debated lowering the LED panel. But I want to see the light work from practical, theoretical max distances. Lowering would also limit light coverage on the taller outer branches, as the X-Lens really focus the light tightly. My method is more to set the lamp at a defined "footprint" (say 3.5' x 2.5') where the plants start off in the lower mid range lighting and grow upward through veg and into the prime lighting zone through bloom.

Led cannabis grow journal

With over 3 weeks to go, I am expecting a great result 🙂 Please come back for more.

Finally dry, because of the cold, it took a few weeks. Quality is excellent, the buds are loaded with cristals, the weight is a dissapointing 95 gramms, hmm, I did expect a bit more. If one of you guys could do a better job, please let me know, In the mean time, I will start a new set-up next week, 4 plants under a 300 watt white panel..

Very bushy plant, but I want to remove the lower leaves and stems, they would create a lot of small buds, wasting nutrients and energy. I would rather have a 4-6 big cola’s on each plant, and the way to achieve that is to make sure they are at an equal distance to the light source. This technique is also known as defoliation.

So far looking good, very bushy indeed. I still tie down the main stem, low stress training, to get more big buds out of just 5 plants.

Had some problems with brown crispy leaves, I think it was a Phospor shortage, probably caused by too cold and wet roots. I installed a heating mat under the pots and gave them some extra NPK, now the normal leaf colour is returning. In a few days they will be ready for flowering,

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