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led grow rooms cannabis

Led grow rooms cannabis

Example of Viparspectra LED Grow Lights in Action

General Hydroponics Flora Trio and CaliMagic

LEDs are the newest addition to the cannabis grow light lineup (though they’ve been around for years), and they look to be the direction that lighting is headed in general. Aside from the allure of their newer technology, they are great at growing cannabis and the units themselves can last a very long time. In fact, the one we recommend can last 100,000 hours; that’s over 14 years if you harvested every 15 weeks!

Cons: Expensive, easier to burn plants when not used correctly

Plant Pots

pic by Joe “Nunyabiz” Nunya, an avid LED grower who uses ViparSpectra LED

Pros: Newer technology that’s actually still being improved, long-lasting panels (no replacing expensive bulbs), not stuck with one spectrum, really freakin’ cool

You probably won’t need an exhaust fan for cooling in this setup, but if you don’t have an exhaust fan you can’t use a carbon filter, which means you won’t have a great way to prevent smells from leaking outside your grow space.

Grow Space

This cannabis grow room setup list includes all the supplies you need to get to harvest.

Estimated Cost: $589 plus the cost of seeds

Selecting the Wrong Light Spectrum
In order to grow efficiently, plants need different types of light for each growth stage. With full-spectrum LED lights this is easily achievable, but if you select the wrong setting, the plant will not develop well. You should also take into consideration the conditions in the room where you’re doing the growing. For example, plants benefit most from light in the blue spectrum when they’re in the vegetative stage of growth. That means that if you set the light to emit light in the red spectrum, you will only be hindering the plant’s growth.

Source: Maximum Yield, May 31, 2019

Using Inferior Products
Light is among the most vital factors to consider when growing plants because it triggers the photosynthesis process. If you’re using regular incandescent lights, you’re not very likely to grow strong and healthy plants. Therefore, for best results it is recommended that you use full spectrum LED grow lights. They are specifically designed for the purpose and have the feature to deliver light in the exact spectrum the plant needs.

Overheating the Plants
You will know the plant is taking too much heat if the leaves that are closest to the light start turning brownish. The first signs look like thin outlines on the outside of the leaves, so if you catch this quickly you will have a chance to avoid further damage. If some of the leaves start curling up, it might also be a sign that the plant is too close to the light. Good ventilation usually also helps with this issue.

Forgetting to Adjust the Lights
Many people forget to adjust the height of the lights as the plants grow bigger and end up with burnt leaves. Another important thing is to occasionally rotate the pots in order to prevent the plants from leaning towards the light too much.

These issues can be related to improper usage of lighting. (The same issues affect other types of plants as well.) Grow lights are a great tool for making the growing process more efficient, but they can also be harmful to the plant if not used correctly.

For people who use cannabis derived products on a regular basis, it is very tempting to try growing the plant at home. The benefits are quite obvious: the cost is drastically lower and there aren’t any hassles related to the actual purchase of medical marijuana.
Many people all around the world grow cannabis at their homes, be it for recreational or medicinal purposes, and while some of them do quite well and manage to produce a good product, for others it doesn’t work so well – their plants wither quickly or produce insignificant yields.

Led grow rooms cannabis

Actual Power Consumption: 65W

More detailed information coming soon!

2.) Traditional Panel

Some LED grow lights have a single COB LED. Multiple units can be spread out as needed.

Introduction – LEDs on average yield 0.5 to 1g/watt (of actual power draw

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Best Way to Avoid Problems with LED grow lights: Keep them the right distance away!