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led strip lights for growing weed

Led strip lights for growing weed

I’m using three of these modules:…diy_p1096.html

In fact, according to the manufacturers’ specifications, most LED lights can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet and turned on immediately in any small space, with no worries about uncontrollable temperature changes.

Nebula Haze: “Our goal is to share the straight facts about LED grow lights”

Led strip lights for growing weed

Been experimenting with household globe leds for awhile. Just added 4 @ 4ft x 23w led tubes, which are basically strip leds in a tube

^LOL ok. Thats why led companies do not specifically pick led lights that target the most effective ranges for photosynthetic light absorption. Well done sir, well done. Please do your homework.

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Hi. I am currently using a 90w UFO Led light, Its ok i guess. But it really does not hit the bottom buds. I was Wondering If Using a LED Strip Light Would be ok for just around the botton of the plant. Like this

Hi :] you’re looking for 470 nm LEDs, the one you have may work but it’s hard to tell what color an LED is emitting by merely looking at it. A datasheet of the strip should include the typical/dominant nanometer rating. Having looked at different LED growlight specs, I think the nm value doesn’t need to be dead on 470 but close enough.


Just because someone did a 350 gram and 356 gram from an Auto Strain using only LED’s doesn’t mean it’s typical at all. Yes, LED’s have the pros’ and con’s compared to everything else that’s out there right now.

I’ve been dealing with heat issues due to the 4 600 watt HPS lights I am running and seriously considered LED’s as a cooler alternative. I have not looked into LED’s for awhile and each time I do I come away with the thought "In several years this will be a viable lighting solution".

Led strip lights for growing weed

The Monios-L High Output T8 LED Strips cost quite a bit more than the other lights reviewed here, but you also get a lot more for your money.

If you are using them as supplemental light, you’ll probably want the 3000K one, but it really depends on your needs.

These are the best LED grow light strips on the market. I’ll start with the best flexible tape style strips (first red/blue mix, then all-white) and then review three bar-style lights of varying lengths.

These lights are more powerful as a result, delivering 100 umol/m²/s at a height of about 7.5 inches above the canopy. That is sufficient to flower cannabis! The coverage area at that height is around 2 by 1.25 feet.

Best 16-Inch Plant Light Strip: Litever 45w LED Strip Kit

The one big problem?

In short: flexibility. You can install these lights anywhere and in any position.

Jun Wen gives you a 2 year warranty on these lights and they will also replace your light for free or give you a full refund, if you are not satisfied. The warranty is longer than most lights in this price range.

Best LED Grow Light Strips: Reviews

Research. Hours and hours of research.

LED strip have four big advantages over fluorescent tubes: