Legalization Of Cannabis – The Debate Is On

Legalization Of Cannabis - The Debate Is On

Cannabis legalization is the latest question to be answered by the Obama Administration and the federal authorities. The recent move by the state authorities that have legalized marijuana using their power to decriminalize a substance has somewhat created a war of laws on marijuana.

Though the drug has been in use for a very long time, it has always been considered as an illegal and controlled substance by the federal government. Recent studies show that there are many medical benefits of cannabis, which can be helpful to treat the symptoms of many worsening diseases. However, marijuana still falls under the Schedule I drug category, which classifies that it has no approved medical properties.

Researchers have found that cannabis effects on lungs and heart are negligible when compared to cigarette smoking. In fact, it is believed that deep inhaling habits of marijuana results in enhancing the lung capacity. Medical benefits of cannabis include the power to fight pain sensitivity, stimulation of appetite, and control over blood sugar levels. Marijuana is widely recommended for epilepsy, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and cancer patients.

Contrasting to that, other studies have shown that marijuana smoking leads to addiction of the substance. Prolonged marijuana use results in euphoria, depression, abnormal alterations in mood, and lower IQ. Marijuana is also considered as a gateway drug that leads to use of harder drugs. Some studies also say that marijuana smokers tend to smoke more tobacco than what usual cigarette smokers do. Reports say that driving under the influence of marijuana is the second largest reason for road accidents in the United States, as marijuana smoking strongly affects the brain senses and hinders normal driving skills.

However, marijuana advocates highlight the positive features of pot and say that the federal government should not interfere in the marijuana businesses inside the state boundaries where it has been legalized. Marijuana supporters also believe that smoking pot eases social pain and anxiety. Recent polls have shown that marijuana use among the youth has noticeably hiked in the past few years. Publicity of marijuana has drawn the attraction of youngsters to the drug, and nobody considers the drug hazardous anymore.

Where half the people of United States support the legalization of marijuana, the other half feels that it should remain illegal as it is harmful for the users and threatens the safety of the society as well. The conclusion on cannabis effects is a hard nut to crack, but it is clear that the drug has both advantages as well as disadvantages. And it is obvious that more research is required to ease the war on pot laws.