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lemon banana sherbet seeds

Lemon banana sherbet seeds

Based on Crockett Family Farm’s Instagram @crockett420, they are based in California and their seeds are distributed worldwide from DNA Genetics based in Amsterdam. They are known to have created award-winning banana-inspired strains like Banana Split, Sour Tangie Banana, and Strawberry Banana. Lemon Banana Sherbet is the newest addition to the Crockett Family Farm. Its lineage is a combination of Lemon Skunk and Sour Banana Sherbet. With its tropical lineage, it’s sure to produce a cerebral experience.

It Has a Summer Scent

By far, Lemon Banana is a summer strain. When the aroma fills the air, it’s like a lemon and berry explosion reminiscent of summertime. After consumption, it gives a full cerebral high that is a huge mood booster.

Takes You Back To Summer

Description: Want to know about Lemon Banana Sherbet? It’s like going on a mini-vacation. Check out my latest review on this relaxing strain from FloraCal Farms.
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Crocket Family Farms have created Lemon Banana Sherbet marijuana weed that represents a cross between Lemon Skunk and Sour Banana Sherbet. This balanced hybrid contains around 20% of the THC ratio. This weed is best suited for use during the day.

Strain Taste and Aroma

Lemon Banana Sherbet became famous for its prominent aroma and taste. Its buds upon the first inspection give off an invigorating smell of zest. Smokers love this cannabis strain for its mouthwatering taste of fresh banana combined with sour citrus.

Strain Effects

Those suffering from mental or physical ailments often use Lemon Banana Sherbet for medical purposes. Its cerebral high helps to reduce symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. As reported, this strain is also useful in terms of combating chronic pain and muscle spasms. There are some cases of treating eating disorders by this bud.