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lemon pudding seeds

Lemon pudding seeds

Chia seed pudding is a creamy breakfast, snack, or dessert made with chia seeds, milk or nut milk, and any of your favorite flavors or fruit. When chia seeds are soaked in liquid, they gel and thicken the liquid into a pudding-like consistency, sort of like tapioca. It can be eaten with the chia seeds whole or blended to create a smoother, more traditional pudding. It’s a much healthier way to enjoy pudding since chia seeds are a superfood packed with omega 3 fats and fiber. They are also naturally low in carbohydrates.

To make chia seed pudding, you need to combine chia seeds with a liquid. Normally you will want a ratio of 1 part chia seeds to 3-4 parts chia seeds depending on how thick you like your chia pudding. Most people also add sweetener, usually about 1/2-1 tablespoon per serving. Then it needs to chill. It will need at least 3-4 hours in the fridge for the chia seeds to gel and create the pudding consistency you are looking for. Then you can either enjoy it with the pops of the chia seeds or blend it for a smoother consistency.

Is chia seed pudding low carb?

Chia seed pudding is a popular low carb breakfast and dessert. The key to making a low carb chia pudding is to choose low carb ingredients to pair with the chia seeds. This usually means choosing a full fat dairy or an unsweetened nut milk. You can also use canned coconut milk. Additionally, you will need to choose a low carb sweetener. Most people use stevia or a sugar substitute to make low carb chia seed pudding. Finally be cautious about what fruit and toppings you add since fruit can be high in carbohydrates. Berries are the most popular low carb option since they have fewer carbs than most other fruit.

Chia pudding can last in the fridge for 3-5 days, making it perfect for meal prep. Make your individual chia puddings on Sunday and you can eat them all week for breakfast, snacks, or desserts. By making individual puddings, you can switch up the toppings and flavors in each pudding.

How long can I keep lemon chia seed pudding in the fridge?

These healthy Lemon Chia Seed Puddings pack in so much lemon flavor that you won’t believe it is good for you. As a someone who loves lemon desserts, these remind me of a yummy lemon dessert in the best way. I make them for breakfast and snacks for a healthy treat. We rotate between this one, this basic chia seed pudding recipe with tons of fruit and Chocolate Chia Pudding. And if you are curious, learn all about the benefits of chia seeds.

Lemon pudding seeds

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The turmeric in this recipe is completely optional – it’s just for fun to add some yellow color (and a tiny bit of anti-inflammatory benefits!). If you decide to use a pinch, you won’t be able to taste it. And if you decide not to use it at all, you won’t be missing anything other than the color ;)).


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If you don’t share this consistency preference, using 100% non-dairy milk (without the coconut milk) will work too! After you make chia pudding a few times, you’ll find the right chia to liquid ratio that tastes best to you.

Lemon pudding seeds

The recipe you will find below makes four chia puddings that are roughly 4 ounces each.

Chia seeds need to soak in liquid for a minimum of 20 minutes or up to overnight. At least 4-6 hours is ideal.

It’s such a quick and easy way to add a TON of flavor to an otherwise bland and boring chia seed pudding.


There are only a few simple ingredients that you will need to make this easy chia pudding recipe.

I first discovered this secret when making these Blueberry Overnight Oats.

Quick Blueberry Jam

There are so many options! A few great liquids to try mixing with chia seeds include: milk (almond, cashew, coconut, or soy), fruit juices (apple, orange, or cranberry), or even just a flavored water!

Chia Seed Pudding is bursting with fresh lemon flavor, made with dairy-free milk, and complete with a vegan blueberry jam. This quick and healthy chia pudding recipe can be meal prepped and then refrigerated overnight for an easy breakfast, dessert, or snack on-the-go!