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lemonatti seeds

Lemonatti seeds

Picked this up at Colorado Harvest Company after deciding Cookies wasn't worth it. 33% THC, $37 bucks for the 8th, hits like a hammer.

Its better. cheaper and dam citrusy!

Yeah, Snaxland grows some fucking FIRE bud! Good choice man. Those Cookies genetics are pretty awesome, but fuck waiting in a line and paying $50+ for a friggin 1/8th of flower. For one thing, it's not like there won't be an ass-ton more of that Cookie flower coming. It wasn't a one-time thing. Cookies and Veritas are partnered now! So eventually that flower will be on the shelf regularly at places and then you can start shopping around for the best deals/discounts, selection, etc. That's my plan is just to wait a while, I know I'll get to try it eventually.

Lemonatti seeds

Make no mistake about it, we’re big fans of the genetics that Connected Cannabis has been working with over the last few years and this week’s limited edition drop of Lemonatti is can’t miss pot for Los Angeles cannabis connoisseurs.

Connected has had a ton of heat over the years. Whether it’s the flowers they grow or the weed they’re distributing for the killers over at Alien Labs, it’s absolutely some of the better cannabis in whatever price bracket you’re looking in. Be it the Moongrown Gelato 41, or the more exotic offerings like the Lemonatti that any club would love to have on their shelves.

So what makes the Lemonatti in particular worthy of this one-off “go get your hands on it” piece? Everything about it. But let’s start with its parents, Gelonade and Biscotti.

Gelonade may have been the best sativa-leaning hybrid born at the end of the decade. We traveled to Connected’s outdoor grow outside Sacramento…