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let’s go seeds

Let's go seeds

Let's Go Chia was created because we wanted to share a better way to consume chia seeds. The key is powdered chia seeds — they are more bioavailable, easily incorporated into any beverage or recipe and tasty.

The powdered form of the chia seed also makes it easier to combine chia seeds with other awesome ingredients, like the chia superfood blends that Lance and Kelli are pioneering under the Let’s Go Chia label. So far, there are two Let’s Go Chia blends to help you incorporate chia seeds into an active and healthy lifestyle, with more on the way.

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Being in Southern California, specifically the health and outdoor focused South Bay, has been pivotal to our growth and product inspiration,” Kelli explained. “Yes, we want new people to try our products—and I hope more people do experience the benefits of chia seeds for health and well-being—we look forward to watching Let’s Go Chia grow into the company we believe it can become.

Let's go seeds

What do nuts, beans, grains, and even some spices have in common? They’re all seeds—seeds we can eat! So get ready to greet lentils and limas, take a crack at coconuts and cashews, and say hi to rye and buckwheat. You’ll soon be seeing seeds in a whole new way!

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April Pulley Sayre (1966–2021) was the award-winning author of more than fifty-five natural science books for children and adults, including her photo-illustrated Being Frog and Best in Snow. Sayre’s books received an abundance of starred reviews, been dubbed ALA Notable Books (Raindrops Roll; Rah, Rah, Radishes) and won a Geisel Honor (Vulture View). Learn more at

Praise For…

This time, the spotlight’s on seeds…the combination of short, pithy verse and artfully displayed food provides an excellent aid for classroom or family learning. To that end, Sayre (a veteran of school visits) provides an afterword that answers questions about the science and nutrition of seeds, nut allergies, cultural connections through food, and more.

Let's go seeds

We house our seed library at our Scotland-Oakland Branch. Thank you to everyone who borrowed seeds. Remember to save seeds throughout the growing season and return them to the seed library in the fall.

Seeds donations always welcome

We need your help to “grow” our inventory! Donations are being accepted now. Here’s how you can help:

Quick facts

Seeds are available on a first come, first-served basis while supplies last. You may borrow up to 3 seed types at one time. Contact the Seed Librarian by email or by phone to learn about all available seeds. Our seed collection may be browsed in-person at the Scotland-Oakland Branch (don’t forget your mask!).