Letting You Know More About Smoking Weed

Letting You Know More About Smoking Weed

According to a survey that was conducted by the UNICEF, a majority of youngsters in Canada smoked marijuana, and they constituted more child marijuana smokers than in any parts of the world. As per the studies, Canada was ranked number one among the 29 developed countries. Let us get to the facts that were revealed.

It is quite shocking to find that Canada has the most number of kids using cannabis. But we need to realize the fact that the use of cannabis has gone down when compared to previous years. It is a relief to find that cigarette smoking children in Canada are third from the last in numbers. The relief is due to the fact the fact the cigarette smoking is much more dangerous when compared to the occasional marijuana smoking.

Health Effects of Smoking Weed

Studies to prove the effect of carcinogens are quite rare, and hence it cannot be asserted that smoking cannabis can cause lung cancer. But there is no doubt that smoking tobacco can affect the lungs adversely. Marijuana’s effects depend upon the type of plant, as well as the amount of marijuana that is used. Cannabis cannot be classified as a pure depressant, but it definitely works as a hallucinogen, depressant as well as stimulant. The major health effects of smoking weed are that they increase the appetite in a person.

Cannabis cannot be treated as a highly addictive drug, whereas nicotine and alcohol cause addiction. Even the health effects of using weed are quite less when compared to caffeine. Just because cannabis does not create a craving for the user to use it again, it cannot be treated as an addictive drug when compared to other drugs.

Using marijuana for quite a long time may sometimes affect the brain or lungs. But it is not proved that cannabis is illegal. We do not have adequate proof to show that cannabis can harm brain activities. Marijuana cannot be treated as a drug that motivates people to use cocaine or heroine. The most risky factor associated with using marijuana is the accidents that occur after using it. You might be familiar with accidents caused due to the consumption of alcohol. Marijuana also creates hallucinations, and hence driving a vehicle under the influence of marijuana can definitely invite accidents.

These are the factors that can help you to decide whether marijuana is good or not.