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license to grow cannabis in california

Mechanical extraction uses pressure, heat or cold to extract cannabinoids instead of using chemicals. Examples include:

Type 11 distributors can:

Non-volatile solvents are chemicals that do not produce a flammable gas or vapor. Examples include:

Distribution licenses

A non-storefront retailer sells cannabis goods to customers only through delivery.

Type 6 manufacturers can:

Retail licenses

Type N manufacturers can:

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) issues licenses based on the type of cannabis activity that your business will perform. If you will do more than one activity, you may need more than one license.

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Types of Licenses

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing is a division of the California Department of Agriculture and is responsible for distributing cultivation licenses.

How Much is a Grower’s License in California?

The outdoor license is for cultivators growing 10,001 square feet to one acre of canopy in one location without the use of artificial light. There will be a limited number of these licenses available.