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license to grow medical weed

Application Fees:

Renewal Fee: $75,000 (Non-Refundable)

Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection

Important Notice to All Persons Providing Material in Support of License Applicants


Medical Marijuana Producer License

Registration Fee: $75,000 (Non-Refundable)

Office of Drug Control
Department of Health
Post Office Box 100
Woden, ACT

The information requirements for a permit are not as extensive as those for a licence, because having successfully obtained a licence, you have already provided the information needed and been assessed against the licence criteria.

It is a precondition of applying for a permit that you are able to demonstrate that the cultivation and production of the cannabis is for the purposes of either:

Note that an application received with incomplete documents, or inaccurate information within application fields, may still be considered effective, but will then require further information exchanges in the assessment process. All applicants should note that Sections 137.1 and 137.2 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) create offences for providing false or misleading information or documents to a Commonwealth entity (which includes the Department and all parts of the Department).

Fees and refunds

This will initiate the assessment of your permit application. We will assign each application a case officer who has responsibility for the initial assessment process, including communicating with you and seeking additional information where necessary.

Note that information around where cannabis is being cultivated and the details of security arrangements around such sites may be attractive to criminals. Consequently, it is important to ensure that your location is not readily identifiable as a cannabis cultivation site.

Following receipt of the permit application fee, we will issue you a receipt and formally accept your application.

Application assessment and communication

Please be aware that your relevant business associates will also come under substantial scrutiny and must satisfy the fit and proper person test independently. It is the licence applicant’s responsibility to facilitate such processes and failure to do so may affect your ability to obtain and retain a licence.

The fee for applying for a licence is prescribed under the ND Regulations. This fee must be paid on our acceptance of an effective application.

License to grow medical weed

The average amount of medical cannabis Canadian doctors are authorizing their patients to consume is 2.1 grams a day, according to Health Canada. Using Health Canada's online calculator, that means those patients would be allowed to grow up to 10 plants.

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In October, Walker's team worked with Winnipeg police to shut down an interprovincial drug trafficking network operation dubbed Project Wonders. Eleven people were charged and police seized cocaine, cannabis, firearms and body armour.

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