Lights, Nutrients, Flower: Cannabis Yield Determined by Lights not PGR’s

Lights, Nutrients, Flower: Cannabis Yield Determined by Lights not PGR's

When it comes to cultivating great cannabis, there are a few phenotypes that experience cultivators seek out for their own personal reasons – covering the spectrum from greater yields, to wanting mold and disease-resistant strain. Lingering at the other end of the vaporizer – we have the medicinal patient, who searches for cannabis with traits that range from high THC, to seizure reducing CBD cannabinoids, as well as a clean flavorful smoke – free from any unwanted contaminants.

Unfortunately for most, you represent the `targeted market:’ representing the gap that must be bridged between the experienced cultivator and the medical marijuana patient, searching for the ever elusive perfect Bud for treating their specific need.

Not so long ago, in the dimmer recesses of America’s dark and weed-less regions, having some KGB to ‘fire up’ with your friends was nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to medical marijuana the global standard for great marijuana genetics has gone through the roof, and rising right beside it are the patients more discerning tastes. With help of elevated phenotypes the more sophisticated needs of today’s medical marijuana patients are being met with modern bud genetics.

Understanding that the cannabis plant is greatly affected by its external environmental factors – and more specifically how those variables interact with the plants inherited genetics. Like every other plant on the face of the earth cannabis comes equipped with their own flowering signals, lacking the need for any human interference on their internal quest to produce dense THC encrusted flower.

While there is certainly no fail proof plan that will assure every cultivator of producing the desired attributes sought in a crop of medicinal cannabis – there are certainly many highly beneficial techniques that can be utilized to assure a chronic crop of your favorite strain of weed produces an acceptable yield. From SOG’s, to scrOG’s – and by utilizing the necessary micronutrients your plants will have increased ability to reach their maximum potential yield and THC content.

Unfortunately, with the all of the good nutrients… comes some of the bad PGR’s. Plant growth regulators are a dirty little secret utilized by commercial cultivators that have no intention of smoking their own flower. PGR’s (plant growth regulators) run the gamut of ranging from being absolutely benign for humans to consume – to being outright disastrous for both the planet and patient.

Similar to herbicides, synthetic PGR’s create havoc within the cannabis plant, altering the plants natural internal chemistry through synthetic chemical manipulation. Rich in ugly side effects; PGR’s have long been associated with disastrous affects for both the planet and the people who smoke it.

Organic gardeners who seek an advantage have turned to natural compounds with astounding success; seek help is loaded with naturally occurring plant hormones that help cultivate strong roots, sturdy stocks, that rapidly reach for the sky.

While It’s certainly a beautiful sight to behold – an outdoor monster towering over 15 feet tall, burdened with swollen buds; those indoor cultivators who are relegated to an indoor grow environment are capable growing the same crystal covered medicinal buds under indoor lights, while not bumping into the ceiling.

By FIMMING, pruning and topping in addition to using a high kelvin light during its vegetative cycle will help train your plants to remain short and wide, rather than tall and gangly. By supplementing the flower cycles HPS (high-pressure sodium) lighting with a site light source, emphasizing the blue light spectrum – you’ll notice your plants growing tighter harder nugs while increasing the overall crop quality; most importantly of all minus any chemicals.

One of the key factors for enjoying a successful cultivation room is to start at the beginning: pay attention to the seeds genetic phenotypes. Source out strains that are suitable for both your cultivation room and your medicinal needs. Research its vegetative requirements and just how long it takes to hit full maturation.

The more you know…the better you grow – and buds are not cheap. So save your cash while smoking your homegrown stash.