Lights vs Nutrients – Determining “The X-Factor”

Lights vs Nutrients - Determining "The X-Factor"

Learning the proper techniques to grow Marijuana can be difficult. When growing the flower for industrial purposes, a grower should ensure that he (or she) is doing everything he can to make sure he maximizes his yield.

Those who choose to grow this plant from home for personal or less industrial uses are in a totally different, smaller-scaled ballgame. Just like an outdoor greenhouse, proper ventilation, lighting and other factors come into play. One can mostly follow typical indoor plant growing habits when growing cannabis. Like any other plant, Marijuana needs light, water, fertilizer and some nurturing to grow. Cannabis cannot be planted and forgotten about and still be expected to bring forth great results.

And two aspects that are inherently vital to any grower or aspiring grower are lighting and nutrients. Let’s examine the need for both elements and see which one plays a more significant role in the development of healthy plants.


No plant can thrive or survive without light. Whether it intakes a natural sunshine or one from artificial means, a plant obviously needs light to grow and for photosynthesis to take place. Plants will always grow toward the light. For instance, a typical plant sitting in a room will begin to grow toward the window or the path of light. The same is true of cannabis plants. When growing, the rule of thumb is to hang the lights approximately two inches above the plants. The plants will likewise grow toward that light.

If higher plants are desired, simply raise the lights a tad bit each week, and one will discover that the plants will follow the path of the light. A plant has an intriguing and unique system. By using photosynthesis, the plant’s internal info structure takes the light and converts it into oxygen; it does this by using water and carbon dioxide together. It is a sort of carbohydrate for the plant. Simply put, a plant will die if it doesn’t have light.


Marijuana plants can certainly survive on basic fertilizer, but they won’t really reach their full potential without the proper nutrients. There is a distinct difference that can be seen in those plants that have given some type of growth enhancement/hormones (and of course, whether or not they’re being grown organically or chemically)

Some soils are richer than others, and plant life can thrive without enhancement. Yet, for most standard fertilizers, your soil will be missing some nutrient. The missing nutrients inhibit the growth of the plant and will produce less than appealing end products. A plant that has been fertilized properly will have green leaves, healthy form and an overall vigorous appearance. While a beginning grower might think this step is minor, fertilizer can be just as important as light itself if you want your plants to mature properly and reach their growth.

Growing cannabis or marijuana seeds on a small scale and indoors is relatively easy as long as you are well-versed in growing (growth time, expected plant heights, watering, soil and light). If you have the proper tools, do a bit of research beforehand and take time with your plants, you are more than capable of producing a wonderful crop. And don’t grow in the dark!