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lions gate seeds

Lions gate seeds

Order now to reach you in time for the Full Moon and Lammas.

Mugwort seeds (visionary herb associated with Sirius, lucid dreaming, hormonal support)

This period is said to be a powerful time for habit change, healing, and rebirth.

Cinnamon (associated with fire magick, passion, and spirit evocation, medicinal properties of blood sugar balance, inflammation reduction, boosting immune system)

Please note, bars may take a few days to reach you.

Available to preorder now in packs of 2, perfect for sharing with a partner or friend.

Ashaninka Cacao (heart opener, spiritual transformation, creative energy, cosmic connection, heart health, body nourishment)


The lion’s gate opens from July 26th until August 14th, peaking on the 8th of the 8th.

Ginger (increasing inner fire and power, spiritual catalyst, aphrodisiac)

Lions gate seeds

Your new moon manifestation tip: This is a powerful day for you to release creative restriction and do something out of your comfort zone. Indulge in finger painting, going on a local adventure, or posting some work publicly on social media. Taking action like this is spiritual alchemy and can help you energetically release fear surrounding your true self-expression.

Your home base, family, and career are highlighted at this time. Powerful shifts are occurring for you in these areas, and they are meant to align you with your highest potential. If you have been in a life path that is emotionally unsatisfying, you can receive the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Similarly in terms of your home and where you live, you can move towards a space that brings you contentment and comfort. Sudden changes are challenging, but have trust and faith in the universe!

This is a powerful lunation for making your long-term dreams come true. A new opportunity from social media or your network can develop that is in alignment with the future you desire. If you have been working on securing an investment, you also can start to see a forward movement in this area of your life. This is also a reparative time for your relationships—business or personal—if you have been enduring power struggles in this area of life. For some Libras, fertility matters can also come into view.


Your new moon manifestation tip: Words are spells and affirmations are a powerful way to improve your finances. This is simply affirming wealth and abundance. On paper with a green pen, write down eight first-person statements like, “Money flows easily to me,” “all of my debts are paid,” and “I am never without an abundance of available cash.” Write the set of statements again eight times. Read them to yourself every morning for 21 days, and you will see a difference.

Your new moon manifestation tip: Setting intentions through scripting (writing) is a powerful way to plant new seeds during a new moon. Take a piece of paper and a green pen. You can also light an abundance candle of your choice during the ritual. Write in first-person what you want to bring in and what truly aligns with your spirit. After, fold the paper in half and roll it towards you. Allow the candle to burn down and sleep with the paper under your pillow.

Your superpower as a master communicator will be highlighted at the lion’s gate portal time and new moon in Leo. If you work in marketing, writing, or a creative field, a pivotal new project or idea can develop for you. This can be something extremely creative or out of the ordinary for you. Embrace the new! Another way this can manifest is healing surrounding ways in which you hold yourself back from your true expression. It’s time to shine.


Your new moon manifestation tip: Creating a love list is a powerful way to lock in what you need in a partnership. A pink candle, pen and paper is perfect for this. During the new moon, light the candle and meditate on this area of your life. Afterward, write down what comes up for you in the first person as your love intentions. Fold the paper in half towards you. Then you can roll towards you and sleep with this under your pillow.

This Leo new moon, in conjunction with the lion’s gate portal, is also a time of energetic healing and the manifestation of abundance. The sun and moon will form a soothing connection with wounded warrior Chiron in Aries retrograde and also Jupiter in Aquarius retrograde. Transiting Chiron is unlocking and healing wounds blocking individuality, while Jupiter retrograde is encouraging positive growth from this internal work. Together, these energies represent a collective focus for healing and bringing forth the gift of abundance as a result of this internal growth.