Local Ban On Medical Marijuana Disturbs Patients In California

Local Ban On Medical Marijuana Disturbs Patients In California

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday allowing cities and towns to regulate medical marijuana use, is considered a blow to the proponents of marijuana in the State of California. Experts foresee a possible delay in the process of implementing medical cannabis legislature in the coming days.

Many dispensaries across the state are already banned as per the previous ruling. Now, with the latest ruling, which is backed by seven justices, is going to have a greater impact on the laws regarding the use, supply and growth of medical marijuana in the state. Most of the marijuana patients in the state are left with a legal restriction on purchasing the drug they require for their treatment.

As the ruling does not make a clear stance against state but rather against the cities and towns, they are forced to enact the bans. While the state guarantees patients the right to obtain their required amount of marijuana, the city’s and county’s ban on it will result in more controversies. Upon being asked about this complex situation, Supreme Court Justice Marvin Baxter said that certain counties and cities have well-suited facilities to maintain marijuana dispensaries, while most other counties and cities are with limited facilities and the conditions there would result in unimaginable risks and burdens affecting the kids and adults alike.

California, being the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use, has more than 200 cities and counties where there is a ban on medical pot. The state has more than 1000 medical pot dispensaries too. All of these were established after the enactment of the 1996 Proposition 215 Act.

In spite of the disturbing ordinance granted to cities and counties to regulate medical pot, about 50 cities in the state are successfully availing medical pot to the patients who are in need of it. Reports suggest that many cities and counties in the state are dissatisfied over the Court’s ruling that would leave the state free while adding more burdens at the local level. No doubt, local level bodies are more likely to enact the ban.

Meanwhile, marijuana advocating organizations at the national level pointed out that the Supreme Court ruling does not make an impact on other states but California.

Experts on this issue demanded a more clear legislation that would ensure marijuana for serious patients and regulate the supply and distribution of the drug to minors or children who do not require it for their survival.