London Home, Suspected Grow House Goes Up in Flames

London Home, Suspected Grow House Goes Up in Flames

Here’s a tale of marijuana seed news from across the pond. A home in north London suspected of housing a cannabis grow-op went up in flames on Thursday in a blaze estimated by authorities to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Firefighters were called to a blaze on Lindisfarne Rd. off Sunningdale Rd. about 8:20 a.m. They arrived to find heavy smoke billowing from the home’s windows, said Deputy Fire Chief Brian George. “We believe at this time that there has been illegal activity occurring in the home,” George said. Firefighters broke the windows of the home to release smoke and called London Hydro to shut off the power. Nobody was injured, police said.”

Almost 20 firefighters were needed to get the fire under control. Neighbors saw the firefighters enter the basement of the house at one point in the morning, one claiming that they removed something from the home, probably related to the alleged marijuana cultivation grow-op.

Neighbors also told reporters that the people who owned the house were strangers, saying that they “never saw” the people who lived there. Accordingly, the home is owned and lived in by an elderly couple, meaning while this could have been a medicinal grow for personal use, it also could have been an old-fashioned cover up.

This story may be worth following. There’s definitely not enough argument for patient rights in Europe, and if this couple was merely growing for personal use, they could be the catalyst for a larger fight in London. Police did not comment on the story outside of declaring that the home was empty at the time of the fire. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s charges announced within a couple of days, certainly not after firefighters were trying so desperately to get in the basement. We’ll update you if we discover any relevant news to this marijuana grow bust.