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low growing weeds purple flowers

Low growing weeds purple flowers

Hand-pulling is the best organic method for eliminating most weeds, and spraying with a vinegar solution can also work as an organic method.

Creeping Charlie (Ground Ivy)

Even though Creeping Charlie is considered a broadleaf weed, it is not affected by all broadleaf herbicides. Most methods tackling this nuisance are somewhat ineffective because what’s seen on the surface is only part of the problem.

Purple Deadnettle

Chances are this fast-spreading weed is the culprit responsible for those purple blooms scattered throughout your yard. Many people battle it in their lawns.

Low growing weeds purple flowers

In the spring and summer of the second year of growth, small white flowers with 4 petals will appear in clusters that open in succession. These flowers are self-pollinated. A thin, four-sided pod that holds the shiny, black seeds will burst open to disburse the seeds of the weed.

If creeping charlie (ground ivy) has already established itself, you can use a selective post-emergent herbicide to quell the invasion, but preventing these lawn weeds from showing up in the first place is the best course of action.

If left unchecked, the mat formed by the leaves can smother other plants. The growth of this perennial lawn weed is vigorous, and there is the possibility that it could out-compete your desirable grass or plants. The daisy can be found in lawns, garden beds, and flower beds.

Common Blue Violet

Because dandelion plants are difficult to control, the best way to deal with them is to make sure that they don’t show up in the first place. Preventative maintenance with proper lawn care practices is usually the best remedy for any potential lawn problem.

The vigorous growth of these weeds can overtake the desired vegetation in your lawn or garden. Also, the height of these weeds can wind up depriving lower growing plants of sunlight, which will inhibit photosynthesis.

The vertically growing taproot is resilient, and even small pieces left alive in the soil after removal results in the dandelion plant’s regeneration.

Weed Identification

The velvetleaf produces yellow flowers that can grow to be 1 inch in diameter. The yellow flowers, which grow on stalks, have five petals that are fused together at their base. The flowers can be found singly or in clusters where the leaf stalk meets the stem.

You can reduce germination frequency by disturbing the seedlings as they sprout with a garden rake or a hoe. By not allowing these garden weeds to mature through regular cultivation of the ground, you will eventually quell the seed’s ability to germinate.