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LSD Seeds
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LSD Info

PLANT TYPE45% Indica 55% Sativa
THCUp to 24%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

LSD Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Deep Down The Big Sur Coast… High On LSD (weed that is)

After Jade hunting and medicating down on the beach. It was time to start walking up the 30 min. long trail through the poison oak tunnel. The LSD strain gave me plenty of energy to enjoy the walk up through nature, in all its splendor (scratch, scratch). When I finally made it up to HWY 1, I loaded up the van and drove up to Nepenthe restaurant, where the music sounded sweet, the food tasted better and I was exhausted from having a wonderful day…

The LSD marijuana strain was named for its extreme psychoactive properties… (In case you needed that little piece of clarification). The LSD marijuana genetics, freely waves pots freak flag high in the sky. As one of the more psychoactive marijuana plants out on the market today, theMazar strain was probably best-known about 20 years ago when it was just the “new kid on the block.” LSD has often been compared with its slightly more popular and famous cousin the “White widow” for sharing similar strain traits and flower structure, as well as it’s medicated effects.

As both of these strains are hybrids; meaning that they are a cross between an Indica genetic and a Sativa. The Mazar tends to be a more Indica dominant strain, thereby showing those traits of a deep sedated mind. As one might guess from its name; which is a not so veiled reference to its Afghani Roots. The name Mazar was derived from Afghanistan’s fourth largest city Mazar -E- Sharif which is the home to this wonderful strain.

The flavonoids with in the LSD bud tends to lean towards the earthier / woody side of the spectrum with a musty dank sweetness.

Most interesting of all is how this flower lives up to its namesake LSD! An experience that wasloaded with vivid and euphoric thoughts of bliss and serenity… The elevated nature of this hardy indica strain was deep and profound. While the high tends to be more of the body type in nature, the strongest sensation was the super psychedelic effect it had on my vision. For some reason the purple and blue spectrums of the sunlight were dancing off the oceans glimmer, as I was deep down the Big Sur coast when first trying this strain.

Thanks Big Sur for allowing me to trip on your LSD weed.

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  1. LSD was named by way of the Farm crew due to its potent trippy effect. Engineered from ancient genetics long established within the Farm seed bank. Crossing Skunk #1 accompanied by a potent Mazar we’ve designed a extremely effective Indica strain. LSD is really a hardy disease resilient plant that responds well in every grow conditions. The taste is intense earthy chestnut accompanied by a sweet musky odor. The LSD generates a euphoric, practically psychedelic experience. It’s a super-trippy and incredibly powerful stone, a Barney’s Farm one-of-a-kind.

  2. Introducing Buruaundi Seeds from the Genehtik Seed Bank. Also referred to as Blockhead, Buruaundi marijuana seeds resulted from an unkown American strain, which was then essentially backcrossed with Sweet Tooth 3. Stemming from predominantly Indica strains Buruaundi souvenir Seeds hold the genetic composition of it’s respective parents, however there are traces of Sativa qualities which remain evident in the genetics of this seed, perfect for souvenir seed collectors everywhere.

  3. Hollands Hope is a reliable blend of Afghan plus an early Skunk. Hollands Hope is a perfect plant for your outdoor grower growing in cool climates and where quick summers may restrict the growing season. This can be a pest and mold resistant strain which may reach 2 meters tall with promising yields. Hollands Hope possesses a sweet taste and is reasonable in strength.

  4. The parentage in this collection is exotic; a West Himalayan Kush mixed with a true breeding Brazilian Sativa. These buds have an immediate and distinct, exotic sativa high, yet is accompanied minutes afterwards by a fantastic undertow of a strong Kush stone that continues and endures. Completed buds have a smell and taste of sweet guava fruit. Red Dragon generates heavy colas of one of-a-kind red/green buds. Flowering time is short, giving big yield of extremely cherished product, that finishes by mid to end September.

  5. Using this outstanding brand new strain we’re developing upon our prosperous breeding lines to provide farmers an indica which combines the extremely best of many characteristics. Hashberry is the one of a kind result from a strenuous selection of appealing parents, with unique interest to protect the hybrid vigor our strains are extremely appreciated for. This indica will develop into a medium sized height and is a great option where space is important and exceptional for SOG. Hashberry produces a heavy and tight head bud along with lustrous buds found on her firm side shoots. You’ll notice that many plants cover up the bud leaves using a layer of THC glands and these will fill up your pollinator/bubble bags amply. This strain still continues to be simple to manicure, and the dried buds possess excellent bag appeal. The buds uncover a rejuvenating fruity-floral aroma in the course of the flowering period. After appropriate drying and maturation their aroma changes into a delectable hashy-berry like fragrance. Hashberry not just has hybrid vigor, but can also be extremely heat resistant and simple to grow. We advise maintaining humidity levels and watering low throughout the final 2 weeks of flowering to avoid any mold inside the compact top buds.

  6. Also known as Diego’s Choice. Kannabia Seeds have crossed a White Widow with a Snow White. Truly phenomenal and devoted to our friend Diego Armando.

  7. Awards: 1st place HTCC 1997, 1998 and 1999. Skunk (97′), Northern Lights (98′), Haze (99′). The most indica amongst the sativas, a timeless hit. Strong, durable, blasting. Yield as much as 800 gr/sqm Harvest in middle October from the Northern hemisphere, in middle May from the Southern. Yield as much as 1500 gr/plant.

  8. The skunk’s mixtures thought an effective for the cannabis increasing. It is citric essence as well as taste fascinated hundreds of thousands of farmers, whom proceed filling the gardens by having these mixtures. Positronics has developed a Skunk for the XXI century. Caramelice seizes the aroma and then taste of its parents, yet it’s more resistant to fungus attacks as well as is actually much faster flowering, both handicaps of skunk variety. A powerfully vigorous plant from the start-off. Fine stems, middle internodal radius, and then enormous volume of little, light-green, jagged leaves. For the duration of blooming, the plant will fill up with prolonged and sizable stigmas, as well as it’ses at this point when the real Skunk emerges – really don’t state we didn’t advise one! It will begin to receive it is characteristic intense orange color by around the fifth week and then the buds will definitely turn into covered in a huge volume of trichomes, characteristic of Skunk mixtures. It will definitely accumulate enormous towers of compact buds realized as”” “”donkey dicks”””” The orange color will certainly turn into more intense. Lemon, lime and also orange … the entire citrus family contained in one cannabis range. Impactful aroma that accomplishes not go unnoticed. Highly commercial as every person desires it. Was actually the most grown up range in the UK together with Holland for an entire decade. The preference and aroma is actually the key to this mixture’s prosperity. It truly resembles receiving a segment of orange in the mouth. Probably a dream pertains true for all growers. An incredibly enjoyable euphoric sensation common of Skunk mixtures, reasonably psychoactive, optimal for alleviating stress. Infamously appetite enhancing.