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lsd weed grow

Lsd weed grow

Strain overview: The LSD hybrid strain was created when Barneys Farm crossed an old Skunk #1 strain with Mazar. As you might expect from the name, LSD’s high is intensely euphoric, stemming from large, quick-growing buds.

Indoor/outdoor: Indoors and outdoors work equally well. Make sure the plant receives plenty of sunlight but limited humidity.

Yield: High

Lsd weed grow

Here you can find all info about L.S.D. from Barneys Farm. If you are searching for information about L.S.D. from Barneys Farm, check out our Basic Infos, Gallery, Degustation, Awards, Strain Reviews, Medicinal Properties, Direct Comparisons, Shop-Finder and Price Comparison, Lineage / Genealogy, Hybrids / Crossbreeds, User Comments, Threads or Videos for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information – or list all L.S.D. Strains (15) to find a different version. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

L.S.D. is a hardy, disease resistant plant that responds well in all grow conditions. With just a little care and attention, the L.S.D. strain will give the grower high yielding award winning powerful results. The favor is intense earthy chestnut with a sweet musky smell. The LSD produces a euphoric, almost psychedelic experience. It’s a super-trippy and very powerful stone, a Barney’s Farm special.

Barneys Farms L.S.D. Description

An old Skunk variety crossed with Mazar, called LSD by the Farm crew because of its powerful trippy efect. Developed from ancient genetics long established in the Farm seed bank. Crossing Skunk #1 with a potent Mazar we have created a very powerful Indica strain.

Lsd weed grow

(LSD dispensary weed and labeling, image from Bluntshots on Instagr

What is LSD? Fortunately, this hallucinogenic marijuana isn’t acid, man, but LSD Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis does give you a very intense, almost psychedelic head high – just like lysergic acid diethylamide, the psychedelic counter-culture drug popular back in the 1960s! Indicas have a reputation for making you couch-locky, and while LSD strain pot does give you some nice body-numbing pain relief within an hour or two of ingestion, you also experience a pretty cerebral mental stimulation almost immediately after toking or dabbing some. The brain boost from LSD ganja may only last for a while, fading as the physical relief and relaxation ramp up, but it is high that recreational users will find respectably trippy, while medical marijuana patients will appreciate the quieting of their chronic pain and reduction in stress and anxiety! So, hang the blacklights, put up your garishly groovy posters, spark up some LSD psychedelic weed strain, and follow the fragrant citrusy sweet smell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland!

LSD dispensary weed and labeling, image from Bluntshots on Instagram

LSD Cannabis Strain General Effects

(Nug or bud of LSD weed, image from The Dank Dungeon on Instagram)

LSD Indica-dominant hybrid weed strain may make you temporarily mad as a hatter, sending you on your own trip into Wonderland, but after the initial psychotropic jolt wears off, then you experience a nice, relaxing body buzz. LSD flower, or buds, produce a very piney scent when pinched or sniffed, but are earthier and sweeter in taste and smell when smoked, dabbed or vaped. LSD indica-leaning cannabis seems to be more readily available in western states like Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado; but provisioning centers in other states and countries do the import, from time to time, so it’s possible that your favorite ganja supplier may have some on their menu – consult your local listings. If you are at all horticulturally inclined, then you could try to grow some LSD trippy weed in your own ganja garden or some potted pot plants with grow lights in your garage; they’ll grow into some tall bushes with dense nug clusters if you give them the right nutrients, sunlight or the equivalent, and don’t let them get too moist or mildewy. However you get your hands on some, you’re gonna find that after a brief bout of bat guano craziness, you settle into a mellow body feeling, releasing your aches and pains and all your worries are just whisked away. Maybe you’ll feel like having a little stem tea party with your friends and debate nonsensical things like your Facebook feed or why a raven is like a writing desk… or maybe not so much! LSD Indica-dominant hybrid weed is favored by medical marijuana patients as a good cure-all for stress, depression, pain and bouts of nausea; and just general tokers and dabbers like the sweet, earthy taste and intense head high of LSD space weed, so there’s something for both prescription and casual pot smokers to go mad about and even if the initial psychedelic rush makes you a little kooky, it’s okay – because as the Cheshire Cat told Alice, we’re all a little mad here!