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lucid dream seeds

Lucid dream seeds

Is it good to know what the flavor of Lucid Dream is before you buy Lucid Dream seeds online. It said Lucid Dream tastes mostly like:

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Lucid Dream flavors

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Within the first few puffs, users are instantly drawn to a euphoric high. Moods are improved, and depleted energy levels are increased as a result of feeling uplifted. This usually wakes you up and clears your head. Many users go on to complete task after task with their senses sharpened. The creeping Indica symptoms become more noticeable as time goes by. A tingling feeling spreads across the body, starting at the temple and ending at the back of the brain. Muscles are soothed and relaxed as a result of this subtle stimulation.

One of these success stories is Lucid Dream Feminized marijuana. This strain came to be two fairly strong Sativa strains, even though its breeders are unknown. American Haze, for example, is a product of rare South Asian and Jamaican genetic strains. The other is Blue Dream, a common daytime strain that induces euphoria and calmness in users.

Lucid Dream tastes just like berries, as suggested by its scent. However, in this case, the majority of the berries are blueberries. A burst of sweet lemon greets the palate as you draw in the smoke. The smooth toke has the same fruity aftertaste on the exhale as well.

What are the Medical Benefits of Lucid Dream Feminized Strain?

Lucid Dream strain has very high concentrations of CBD. It is undoubtedly one of the most common strains in the medical marijuana industry. Despite this, both users should be aware that it is not a treatment or a remedy to any health issue. However, it is certain to relieve various symptoms successfully because of the psychoactive agents’ synergistic effects.

Lucid Dream marijuana and other Sativa dominant strains are noted for their mental effects. As a result, it’s not shocking that using so much of it will trigger anxiety or paranoia in certain persons. While certain side effects are rare, it is still a good idea to manage stress properly. Besides that, the Lucid Dream has been linked to dehydration throughout the body, such as the eyes and mouth. Some users also have headaches to some extent. However, marijuana users are well aware of this since these side effects are inevitable regardless of the strain smoked. Furthermore, they are subtle and unnoticeable.

Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Growers around the world often come up with fresh strains in the hopes of winning new and old users’ hearts. Crossed between two varieties, although certain hybridizers can use three or four to produce a more unusual and superior hybrid. Although several businesses fail to succeed in such a tough environment, others persevere and eventually become the community’s favorite choice.

THC Level: 20 to 28%

Lucid dream seeds

Image of an open African dream seed, where you can see its white part*

It is also possible to smoke, as rare as it may seem, but just like to drink in tea, you have to grind the inside of the seeds well, in this case as fine as possible. Then you can mix it with tobacco as if it was kief or hashish, roll it in paper and smoke it as if it was a joint of weed.

How are the effects of African dream seeds?

Reading Time 5 minutes Image of a shaman dreaming after consuming African Dream seeds

A good part of dreams are based on things that have not yet happened, using the imagination rather than memories. When we have important events coming up, it is normal to think about them, we cannot avoid them. And when you think about something a lot, it is also normal that you end up dreaming about it. This can serve as a rehearsal for some situations, even to take into account some things that if you hadn’t dreamt about them you wouldn’t have imagined. But of course, in order to learn from dreams you have to remember them, and now, thanks to the African dream seeds you can do it naturally.

How to use African dream seeds?

Some cultures have used this power to reveal problems of people who do not externalize their concerns, something like a tool of psychology from ancient times. Others have consumed this plant to try to predict the future through dreams, their own or other people’s