Mango Kush Seeds

Mango Kush Seeds
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Mango Kush Info

PLANT TYPE65% Indica 35% Sativa
THCUp to 16%
CLIMATEIndoors and cool climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Mango Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

BC Mango from the BC Bud Depot. The newest selection of seeds possess some esteemed lineage getting its genetics from BC Mango and KC Mango respectively, building an ‘uber’ mango marijuana seed. This venture of Canadian and Dutch seedbanks has resulted in the birth of the very Indica dominant cannabis seed yet there are several Sativa characteristics that still remain prevelant. For the most part BC Mango will end up as an extremely interesting acquisition without doubt.

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  1. Txomango Feminized Seeds from the Genehtik Seed Bank. Pronounced (‘ch’-‘o’-‘mango’) these feminized marijuana seeds resulted from a selection of Somango, which is essentially a Super Hybrid Skunk crossed with Jack Herer and Big Skunk Korean. Although displaying both Indica and Sativa qualities, this Indica dominant hybrid takes only the finest qualities of each, and after years of refinement, result in this souvenir super seed Txomango.

  2. Mango is a 100% Indica hybrid having a H#1 KC 33 and our Afghani. A real favorite amongst cultivators and smokers, gorgeous plant to observe along with a smooth taste. You are fully conscious that you’ve got a real powerful plant in your garden. Attempt this outside for something which will definitely impress your piers. Among the finest tasting Outdoor strains.

  3. With regard to the mango also goes that it could be grown indoors as well as outdoors. The mother and father really are a KC Special Select using a KC 33 as well as an Afghani-like plant. This plant has intense big buds, an excellent production plus an early harvest.

  4. Mango by Kulu Seeds is another reliable hybrid of a unique selection from a KC 33 and an Afghani.

  5. The mixture from these two plants awakens hunger for even the most moderate user/grower of sativa based hybrids. The genetics comprising this complex hybrid combine both the two Haze males employed by MNS. This seed is essentially composed of 25% NL5, 12.5% skunk, and 12.5% Haze A masculine, 50% Haze C masculine.The expected flowering time fluctuate considerably dependant on the chosen phenotype. Generally, it ought to be between 10-14 weeks meanwhile with the potential for slightly earlier if getting something towards the NL5 or Skunk side. Whatever surpasses the 14 week marker in flowering is basically not interesting given that it gets to be a difficult chore with a relatively low return.This plant will likely need to grow extensively, therefore it is crucial to 12/12 (perhaps even 10/14) light to night ratio, to push the start of flowering. It’s endorsed to guarantee the night time is incredibly dark, because this will help pressure the plant to flower without compromise. It is extraordinarily challenging to give a projected yield here but one will encompass the ability to achieve a median of 450-500 grams per square meter. One needs to consider the height of the growing area into account since this plant has the potential to grow for it. The flavour and fragrances of the finished product stands out as the most splendid surprise for the cultivators and their diligence: it will likely be nothing less than brilliant. The results will be cerebral and perhaps a tad trippy so utilize the medicine well. This seed may be grown both indoors and outdoors but will certainly need space and it’ll be difficult to envision it as becoming a sea of green plant because of its sativa roots. It’s got the opportunity for a holy grail… will you be able to unearth it?

  6. G13 Haze x Somango Seeds are an Indica/Sativa mix from Soma Seeds. They’ll make a great addition to any souvenir aficionado’s collection.

  7. Cold Creek Kush Seeds are the latest innovation from T.H. Seeds. T.H. Seeds is one of the oldest and most renown seedbanks in the world, hailing from Holland and boasting nearly 20 years of history TH Seeds use only the finest marijuana genetics in order to produce strains which have won them numerous High Times Cannabis Cups. A resident of the Rockies, this latest MK hybrid has been crossed with Sativa dominant Chem 91in order to create the high profile souvenir cannabis seed that is Cold Creek Kush. Retaining both Sativa and Indica characteristics these marijuana seeds are perfect for collectors worldwide.

  8. Grapefruit is definitely a beautiful plant having marvelous autumn tones. It is extremely successful, possesses a wonderful flavor and also convincing effect; anybody would certainly love to own it inside their garden. This implies us as well! Therefore we chose to begin a brand new automatic variety with Grapefruit which could allow us to relish a fruity flavor within the middle of summer time without having way too many problems. The outcome is our own Fruit Automatic, an automatic strain which features Grapefruit genetics to experience much more taste, resin and production together with an extra extreme effect. It seems to generate the unusual trend involving humans to desire to smell them close up. We feel this really is because that this blend of thick shimmering crystals of resin and the scent that this plant produces can make it alluring to cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators. It’s a strain which stands cold temperature relatively well therefore we suggest planting towards the very last week of May so as to harvest the very final week of July, and in by doing this accomplish unbeatable results.

  9. Dinafem Seeds Sweet Deep Grapefruit integrates two genetic lines renowned for their fruity and sweet genetic heritage. Blueberry, a particular line which is already regarded because Dinafem Seeds have utilized it in other lines for instance the Blue Fruit or Blue Widow; including a clone chosen from Grapefruit.

  10. For individuals who want it sweet! Created from a Cindy 99, bred along with an autoflowering Sativa for some generations. Selected on it’s strong Grapefruit/Pineapple smell. She’s a semi-autoflowering strain, that will flower less than 24hrs in low light conditions. An extremely praised strain and incredibly famous for years. Recognised for it’s pleasurable happy high, similar to the old school sativa landraces. Just the flowering period of the Grapefruit is 8 weeks rather than half a year. This brand new style sativa is early on maturing, fast flowering and maximum yielding. Buds possess a soft smell of grapefruit, sweet flavor and extreme tropical high. Stabilized on early maturity for a few generations now. This generation is picked on smaller pheno types. A true winner!

  11. Here’s a most fascinating cross with the Grapefruit becoming an ideal mental painkiller. Making individuals happy and high, similar to the good old Sativa. Where pharmaceutical anti-depressants reduce sensations, our Grapefruit can make people feel good and enlightened. Next the ICE, being one of the most strong types of the entire world, is much more of a physical hefty bodied painkiller. These medical facets of both kinds ought to provide this cross some outstanding prospects. Giving anyone with the option to opt for your own ideal keeper, what ever suits your desires. Anticipate lengthy big buds having a height about 1.20m. Flowering time is going to be about 8 weeks. The smell can be really unique with all the fruitiness from the Grapefruit alongside the black hash ozone of the ICE.

  12. Exclusive! Here we possess a tiny batch of an Grapefruit inbred along with Easy Sativa. An 80% Grapefruit picked early on and fast flowering for several generations. This can be a late maturing sativa line. The very best sowing time is middle April to middle May. We wouldn’t recommend pre-growing her indoors, seeing that this might cause her to begin flowering in May outdoors. She requires the lengthier days and intense mid-summer sun to help keep in growth. Anticipate intense fruity/pine smell and taste, very sativa-ish.

  13. Once this strain first reached fruition, the exclusive flavor caused divisions in the heavyweight research facility in Granada. Lime, mango, pear, and strawberry were all indicated as the main taste – because this incredible plant appeared to provide an enormously wide selection of responses, we ultimately chose to name it Fruit Punch. There was evidently one thing that every one decided, however – this plant looks phenomenal, however you translate the flavor! Standing upright with dense side branching, she generates light, almost golden buds, and plenty of pistils. A large yielder, if harvested around the 7-8 week point, the sweet refreshing flavor is at its optimum. 30% indica while 70% is sativa, the result is robust yet creative – ideal for social occasions. Perhaps you should invite your pals over, and gather round the Fruit Punch bowl – please be aware that Heavyweight can’t be held accountable for any disagreements that may transpire regarding the over-riding flavour, however!

  14. Indica plant structure because of its heritage sativa flowering is a little longer, finishing within 65 days indoors. Will not provide the higher performance if it is growth in areas with little light, because in this instance many leaves are grown. Its impact arises from its Indica part, starting with a lightbrain touch that carries you to a pleasing state of comfort. Taste is among the most desirable feature with this plant, since it is extremely sweet, ideal for those that delivers more importance to the taste.