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mango seeds

Mango seeds

Most tutorials made opening the husk sound easy. It was not. They are extremely tough! Scraping off the excess pulp was the first hurdle. The second was actually opening it — the seed sat close to both sides and that didn’t leave much cutting room or margin of error.

Soak the mango seed

The splayed husk looks a bit like a set of lungs with an oyster inside!

Wrap in kitchen paper

I peeled off the brown papery membrane and soaked the seed in water for 24 hours. It swelled a little but came out looking pretty much the same.

Mango seeds

J ust sit back, and watch your mango tree grow ! A few days after planting , you should see a set of true leaves showing and significant growth within a week .

Patrick Deja is an Education Programs Assistant at Naples Botanical Garden. When not at the Garden, he loves to spend time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys traveling and learning, whether it is about plants, history, language, or science.


Planting a mango seed

If you do not notice which shoot sprouted first, t he shoot most unlike the others is probably the one that isn’t a clone. You can either keep that shoot to produce a new cultivar or get rid of it in order to ensure your tree is a clone of the pa rent and will produce identical fruit. Also , with polyembryonic seeds, you can separate the embryos before germinating the seed, and you w ill have two plants.

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Sometimes the seed may have a papery coat , as seen in the photo below . Remove this before proceeding to the next step.

Keep in mind that you may have to step up the young tree in to a larger p ot over time as it grow s large enough to plant in the ground.

Mango seeds

I began researching the seed to know more about how to germinate it at home and if it is even possible to grow a mango plant from the seed of the fruit without processing it. After all, it was the child in me waiting to taste success to have a mango plant of my own.

It took some failed attempts but when I finally learnt the right way to germinate a mango seed, it began feeling that with every wasted seed, there’s a sapling I am losing which has the potential to turn into a tree. And it wasn’t even nearly possible for me to house saplings at home for all the mangoes we, as a family, consumed. This got me thinking if the seeds of a mango are consumable and what health impacts does it have.

With one particular method, I ended up successfully germinating more than 30 seeds with barely any resources.

All that I needed were mango seeds, a bagful of coconut fiber (coir), water and a container with a lid. After the seeds began germinating—since I did not have many small pots immediately available—I used milk packets to plant them so that it would be easy to give the saplings away to any person who has space to plant it in soil.

What started as a curiosity to grow plants during her childhood, has turned into an active hobby with encouragement from family and friends for Hyderabad-based Naina Sarda. She details how the often discarded mango seed has been used as a mouth freshener and also for high blood pressure patients while narrating a step-by-step guide on growing mango saplings at home.

It has been 3 years now since I grew my first mango sapling at home and the plant is thriving on my terrace garden. However, it was during the previous year when the experience and learning took an interesting turn in the growth chart. While the lockdown and uncertainty around COVID-19 loomed, I experimented with different methods on how to germinate the mango seed from the fruit.