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margalope seeds

Margalope seeds

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Margalope seeds

There’s actually a lot of hair-pairs growing like this on the plant, so it’s freaked me out a few times when they first appear and look similar to nanners. But they’ve all spilt into hairs. It’s weird.

Day 46 – both Margalope and Weed Nap are frosting up nicely. Margalope has a lip-licking creamy alcohol smell to her, like Baileys Irish cream. Weed Nap has no aroma at all, not even a vegging plant smell. Super dense nugs tho, so maybe it’s hiding its smells inside.

I thought so at first too, but the ones that I thought I found are just hairs stuck together. I’m still a bit on edge though. Thank you for looking out!

But it’s actually a couple hairs growing together:
View attachment 4586425


It looks like there’s a nanner in the bottom left of this bud:
View attachment 4586426

from the pic I quoted this is what I’m talking about. some tweezers and you should be good

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