Marijuana Grow Busts Trend Down: The Cultivation Of Hope

Marijuana Grow Busts Trend Down: The Cultivation Of Hope

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

Despite the Obama administrations best efforts to eradicate medical marijuana cultivation, recent DEA data declined in 2011, falling to just a little over 6,730,000 cannabis plants across the United States, being prematurely yanked by law enforcement. Meanwhile, it’s widely believed the outright cultivation of marijuana has nearly doubled in our weed loving country, for that same time period. Continuing the same positive trend line for marijuana cultivators, the feds reported only destroying 3,933,000 plants for all of 2012. A mere fraction of the damage the DEA had hoped to rain down on the medical marijuana community throughout the United States.

On the western edge of this pot loving country – California ordinarily stands head and shoulders above any get your California prop 215 doctors recommendation today.

Other states for both the quantity of marijuana grown, as well as seized and destroyed by the feds. Yet the DEA’s stepped up efforts have ultimately netted considerably fewer busts – plunging from 7.3 million in 2010; to just south of 4 million plants in 2011. Representing an astounding 46% drop off in the DEA’s return on investment. So, as our financially struggling federal government continues to pour more hard-earned tax dollars into the eradication of a plant that the majority of Americans support, the total amount of annually harvested buds continues to rise across the state.

Always a big fan of the numbers –  cause the proof is in the pudding. With an approximate total of 53,543 pounds of pot confiscated off the streets in all of 2009. That number skyrocketed to just over 112,000 pounds for 2012. There are many potential reasons for the divergence between these two conflicting numbers. While the DEA and feds are still using old school ideology – looking for big time growers, particularly in medical marijuana states. Many patients have opted to be selective, and choose only the best strain of high-yielding cannabis, then go high-tech, and low-key.

Also in the plus column – as the federal government punched it over the fiscal Cliff… and sent our politicians scrambling to implement mandatory budget cuts. Growers across the country rejoiced – as local ‘joint task force’ eradication efforts took a whack to the back of the neck by the budgetary guillotine.

If political interaction and gridlock has any “upside” perhaps this is it.