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marijuana grow calendar

Marijuana grow calendar

While following an indoor grow calendar you will want to also have optimal indoor garden conditions during the flowering stage. These include:

Plan every step of your indoor, soil-based growing process with this ultimate marijuana indoor grow calendar! Avoid the guesswork and reference this week-by-week roadmap from the moment you plant your seed to harvest.

From this point forward, you will simply need to keep regular feedings and a sanitized growing space. You will see your cannabis plants grow bigger and the buds grow fatter. During week five, the flowers will start to get bigger. Make sure to prune off any damaged leaves or new growths to focus on bud growth.

Week 1

During the last week of the flowering stage, you will be preparing for harvest. However, strain growth varies by genetics. Some strains may need longer to flower than others. Flowering can go up to 12 weeks or more, depending on genetics.

Growing cannabis from the comfort of your home is easier than ever. There are also smart grow apps that track nutrients, watering, and more if you’re more tech-inclined.

Marijuana Indoor Grow Calendar

During the final weeks of the vegetative stage, your plants will begin to get ready to enter the flowering stage. Male plants will develop pollen sacs between their nodes while female plants grow white pistils. Only female plants grow flower buds.

Optimal indoor garden conditions during the vegetative stage:

Marijuana grow calendar

Let’s take a look at how the growing calendar starts and ends for feminized marijuana seeds.

Phase Two — May (October in The Southern Hemisphere)

Additionally, this is the perfect stage to incorporate cultivation techniques to increase yield, such as:

Phase Five — August (January in The Southern Hemisphere)

Next, here’s a list of autoflowering characteristics that you must know: