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marijuana grow house remediation

Marijuana grow house remediation

We specialize in Marijuana grow house clean ups. In order for a former Clandestine & Marijuana Growth house to be deemed suitable for human occupancy, municipal licensing and Standards Division (ML&S) requires a report from a professional engineer regarding the condition of the structure, condition of the electrical systems and a report regarding the internal conditions outlining any potential hazards associated with the premises and a plan for the remediation of the property.

Marijuana Grow Houses – The Process

    Former Clandestine & Marijuana Grow Operations Impact Assessments

    Former Clandestine & Marijuana Grow Operations Impact Assessments

Alterations to a building from a MGO may include tapping into the hydro lines before the electrical meter to steal electricity, installing high-wattage lights, removing structural walls, disturbing plumbing lines, building irrigation systems and re-directing exhaust ducts to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the growing area. Pesticides and insecticides are used to address fungal diseases and insect infestations that the crop may develop. Large amounts of fertilizers are used to increase crop yields and promote flowering at the correct time.

The high humidity, high temperatures, and constant use of water necessary for a grow room can lead to the formation of damaging mould on building materials. The chemicals used in the production of marijuana, such as pesticides and fertilizers can be left on surfaces inside the residence.

The city has requested that air quality testing is required in a former marijuana grow operation. What does this involve?

After police/Hazmat conduct initial sweep, the homeowner or third party is responsible for the clean-up of the property. Remediation may include drywall removal, carpet removal, sanding of wood framing and duct cleaning. However, we can help you with the remediation and the request for the occupancy permit back from the city.

What is the best approach to remediate a former MGO?

Total Safety has environmental consultants that can conduct an initial site investigation and sampling to determine what contamination and hazardous material is present and determine their extent. We can also provide remediation protocols and, if desired, supervise contractors to ensure all work is properly completed. Further, Total Safety can conduct clearance sampling to verify the success of remediation, document all work and complete forms required by the BC Ministry of Environment and municipal authorities.