Marijuana Grow Operations Flooding West Palm Beach With Trees

Marijuana Grow Operations Flooding West Palm Beach With Trees

And these are by no means palm trees. The Palm Beach Post published an interesting piece in Sunday’s edition that details the heavy incline of marijuana grow operations in West Palm Beach.

While there was a steep decline in grow houses in 2008 after 54 growers were arrested due to the Marijuana Grow House Edratication Act, grow houses are once again sprouting up at a high rate. There have been 42 arrests this year in Palm Beach County, which nearly doubles last year’s total of 22.

The article also highlights the plight of a family man, Andrew Sheikowitz, a 48-year old man who was sentenced to 18 months in prison this past August. Sheikowitz and his wife (who avoided prison time), were growing almost 80 plants in their converted grow-garage.

The note of interest here is that this couple was growing marijuana seeds as a means to a living and supporting them and their two children. It’s a tough pill to swallow when you see a father going to jail for the growth of marijuana.

It’s not like the couple was selling edibles to school kids or anything like that. They were growing cannabis to support themselves and to feed their kids. I repeat this statement because I firmly believe that in an era where the world’s financial markets are collapsing and unemployment rates remain at an alarmingly high level, how can you blame people for taking matters into their own hands–and homes.

And growing marijuana seeds is by no means a heinous or vicious crime. In fact, one can make a convincing argument that growing marijuana is a way to service one’s community. Yes, this couple was breaking a law and therefore committing a punishable “crime.” But were they really harming anyone by growing marijuana plants?