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marijuana grow rooms for sale

While AC Infinity’s CLOUDLAB 743D is the clear frontrunner where materials, price, and overall value are concerned, Secret Jardin’s Lodge 160 ($410) is also great, but more than twice the cost. The Lodge 160’s slightly larger canopy space could make a difference when hosting so many plants in one structure. It’s 5.25’ x 4’ x 6.5’ and features M210D canvas, steel poles with polypropylene corners, and a weight limit of roughly 66 pounds.

In my book, AC Infinity’s CLOUDLAB tents win out over traditional industry leaders thanks to top-quality materials, heavy-duty construction, useful touches of innovation, and a very approachable price point.

If using a hydroponic system, the reservoir will likely be outside the tent, in which case, dedicated 2” irrigation ports will be needed to bring in water. The same goes for Blumline or drip systems.

Your grow area will need to support the electrical draw of lights and fans, and potentially equipment like AC units, heaters, or dehumidifiers. If the tent setup shares a breaker with any major appliances like a dishwasher or laundry machine, you’ll need to be careful in choosing where to plug it in so as not to blow a fuse. When in doubt, use a different room.

Best multi-chamber tents (for perpetual harvesting)

Perhaps the biggest draw is a grow tent’s ability to capture every last beam of light emitted by power-hungry horticultural fixtures: Lined with reflective materials like diamond mylar, light that would otherwise fall away from plants is sent ping-ponging between tent walls to be redistributed and absorbed across the canopy.

A tent’s dimensions are largely dictated by a grower’s choice in lighting. HID lights run hot and need to be hung high above plants, necessitating taller tents. Conversely, LEDs run cool, hang low, and play well in a short tent.

Lights add heat—HIDs more so than LEDs—but generally speaking, if the tent’s room is around 65°F, fans should be adequate to maintain a good temperature and you won’t need ACs or heaters.

Best flowering & all-purpose grow tents

Finishing touches may include:

If your goal is to use just one structure to grow weed, you’ll need a tent that can accommodate plants at their biggest, which happens during the flowering cycle, or “bloom” photoperiod.

Marijuana grow rooms for sale

We use Amazon because we can trust them and everything ships discreetly as well! You can also find a few other marijuana grow tents on this growing supplies page.

Sometimes you cannot dedicate an entire room in your house to growing cannabis or medical marijuana. But if you have a basement or a garage you may be able to have your own marijuana grow tent. Depending upon how much room you have, these sealed tent enclosures work out quite nicely for many people. These grow tents are designed specifially for growing plants indoors. You still need to have your grow lights and other marijuana growing supplies to complete your indoor grow tent garden.

Once you have decided on a tent size, that will help you make decisions on electrical outlet timers, lights, fans or blowers, carbon filters, marijuana nutrients and more. Your education will grow as fast as your marijuana plants do!

You can start by measuring how much space you have in your room, or basement area or garage. This will help you decide on what size tent you should buy. I want to recommend the largest growing tent you have space for because once you get started you will wish you had more growing space.

Marijuana Grow Rooms

Are you getting excited yet? You should be! This is part of the journey, enjoy it.

Cannabis Indoor Growing Tents for Sale

Marijuana grow rooms for sale

A panelized ceiling is typically installed directly on top of the wall panels so that your wall height is the same as your finished ceiling height. If you chose to use a metal deck with a suspended ceiling system to create a sealed plenum, then the size and positioning of duct work will become a factor as well.

Residents of several states have voted to legalize marijuana for medicinal and, in some cases, recreational purposes. The resulting response has been overwhelming as agricultural entrepreneurs capitalize on the opportunity. For growers interested in the business of cannabis or marijuana, there are logistics to consider, particularly the best way to establish a grow room.

Typically, the height of the plenum space subtracted from the wall panel height determines your finished ceiling height. Wall panel height can be adjusted accordingly to create the necessary plenum space.

Free, on-site, design assistance and installation services are always available through our nationwide network.

Is there a typical ceiling height you provide?

The type of ceiling system you plan to use will be a factor in determining the wall panel height. While panel heights for the grow areas range from 10’ to 14’, it really depends on whether you will be growing on a single or stacked configuration.

Our team will work with you to design a layout to meet your exact application requirements. Our prefabricated, modular design means the materials arrive ready for immediate installation. You can anticipate a minimum of 50% faster set up than what is achievable with conventional construction. With very limited on-site fabrication required during the assembly process, your facility stays dust and debris free.

Our 3” VK wall panel is our most popular system for modular grow room construction. With a 1 lbs. density expanded polystyrene (EPS) core, the R-value is 12. We also offer an option polyisocyanurate insulating core with an R-value of 16.

Modular Cannabis Grow Rooms?

Available in a variety of colors, these panels not only assemble faster than conventional construction, they also offer excellent durability, insulation, and sound control.

Whether it’s cannabis, geraniums, herbs or tomatoes, our modular enclosures offer many advantages over conventional construction methods to create the environmentally controlled space necessary for high quality, high yield production.